Athlete of the Month - Carl Rosenfeld

ell us about your family:

Abbey and I have two girls (Maddie age 8 and Blake age 5) and a white boxer dog named General.  I grew up in the area and am excited to raise our kids here too.  I am a CPA and a managing partner at Radnor Financial Advisors,  a practice focusing on independent wealth management services in Wayne.  We also have a home in Lake Naomi in the Poconos and enjoy spending as much time as we can outside boating, sailing, fishing, skiing, hiking.

Your wife Abbey joined us a few months ago. What's it like doing Crossfit with your wife? 

Awesome.  For any of you that know Abbey you know that she is a tad bit competitive.  Her competitive spirit has definitely pushed me harder over the last few months since she joined CFDV.  When I first started I think she was tired of hearing me talk about the gym and my workouts. Since she joined, I think it is all we talk about. Now our kids are even getting into the discussions (asking who beat who on the whiteboard) and they enjoy coming for Bootcamp. They love doing squats to Bring Sally Up and doing burpees to Roxanne!

How did you hear about Crossfit Delaware Valley?

My brother Scott lives in south Florida and joined a local CrossFit gym.  He was talking about how much fun it was and how much progress he saw in his physical fitness.  At the time I was bored and not progressing with my exercise routine (mostly running).  I looked for a gym that would fit my schedule and came across CFDV. Honestly, after 10 minutes of speaking with Rob on the phone, I was hooked.

We can usually find you at the 5:30am class. Tell us a few of your favorite memories from that class. 

Chris and the rest of the early birds are simply awesome. There is no better way to start your day.  If you haven't been to a 530am class it is hard to describe.  Chris is always warm and welcoming, he tells us about all of the WODs that he loves, our warm-ups are focused and complete, and the music is spot on.  Oh, OK, well maybe not any of those....but, we are the reigning CFDV Hustle! champs and are excited for a repeat this year as well. Really, it is just about the closeness of the group.  Everyone is so incredibly supportive and motivating.  

What are some short term goals that you have recently achieved and some long term goals that you would like to achieve? 

A recent accomplishment for me was RX-ing 'Fran'. We did that WOD my first week at CFDV and a couple times thereafter. For whatever reason it has always freaked me out.  When I saw it on the schedule last week it kept me up. I really wanted to push hard and just complete it. I really wasn't focusing on my time just getting under the cutoff. Well, with Will W's pushing, I RX'ed it for the first time last week and was on cloud-nine with a 6:01 time and a PR.  I have some lifting goals and I really want to improve my bar work (kips, muscle-ups, etc) and my cleans - they need serious work. 

We always see you doing extra work at Del Val. Tell us about your extra programing and what goals you are trying to reach through it. 

I have been working closely with Rob on a strength program. I really want to hit some milestones on a few key lifts.  I have been adding a couple extra sessions focused only on lifting and I am seeing some real improvement.  Not only in pounds lifted but also in being able to RX and accomplish more WODs and get more PRs.  It has been fun and gratifying.

We know you've also been working on your Nutrition. What about it have you changed since starting Crossfit? 

Thanks to Jacki and the fall challenge I have really tried to focus on my macros and just eating smarter - no sugar, smaller meals more often, timing meals to exercise.  The program was great and I strongly suggest you try one of the challenges if you have not already.  Even just the journaling has been very helpful.  Honestly, I feel different in the gym - better, faster, stronger.  And recovery time has been much quicker.  Now if I could just convince Jacki that there is no sugar in bourbon we would all be better off!

What is one piece of advice that you would pass along to a new athlete who is just starting Crossfit?

Consistency.  It really is the key.  Come often. Don't let a WOD scare you away - just come often and keep trying to get better.  Also, ask questions.  The coaches are amazing and they are there to help and that they do!

You're coming up on your one year Crossfit anniversary! What have you learned about yourself since starting Crossfit?

It sounds corny but in the beginning (and sometimes now) I talk myself out of a lift or WOD.  I have learned that I can do it. Just push myself harder.  I think the key is that I can do more than I think that I can; I need to remember that having a positive attitude is key and over the last year I can see how much that pays off.

Fill in the blank:

The last thing Abbey said to me was... You Killed It!
My favorite type of music is... COUNTRY (is there any other?)
The last concert I went to was... Billy Joel (Ok, Country and Billy Joel)
If I could go anywhere in the world it would be to... Israel
I'm really excited for... Tax season to be over
My ideal weekend includes... sailing, a beach, my family, a tiki bar
My favorite food is... Sushi

Extra comments:

Thank you to Rob, the coaches, and the CFDV family. You all make the gym a fun and enjoyable place for Abbey and me. We love it and are absolutely addicted.

CrossFit Games Open and Shirts

The CrossFit Games Open is set to begin on Thursday, February 23rd. As always, our gym will be participating! Here's a short video about the Open to tell you what it's all about: 

Even if you don't plan on competing past our doors, I HIGHLY encourage you to join our team. Why? Simply put: this series will make you better. You'll do a unique workout every week and push yourself harder than you normally do. More push = more results! So, sign up today. 


This year, we're going to do a run of custom Open Shirts. These are $20 each and will be onsite prior to the first WOD. Want one? Complete the form via the link below and we'll charge your Wodify account, on or around February 10th. 



If I don't sign up for the Open, can I still do the workouts? 
Yes. The weekly Open Workout will be our Friday WOD for five weeks, starting on February 24th. That said, you should pony up and just register. You'll take it more seriously.

I'm traveling during week XYZ. What do I do? 
Most CrossFit affiliate gyms will run the Open as their workout on Friday or over the weekend. Call around to a few gyms near your destination and see if they can accommodate you performing the workout. Make sure you get someone to judge your performance and to agree to validate your score. 

I don't RX my workouts so I should do this, right? 
NO, you SHOULD register. There is a scaled division so the workouts are appropriate for everyone. 

Are we doing anything special to celebrate the Open?
Yes. We'll likely have one or two gatherings on Friday nights around the time of the Open. Watch Facebook and our blog for more info. 

Rob, I really love you. You have a fantastic singing voice. 
Why thank you. I love you too. 

Athlete of the Month - Liz Greco

Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

I'm a stay at home mom. I always have a hard time writing that because I am so much more.

I'm blessed to be able to stay home but being a mom is probably hands down the hardest job I've ever had. Both my boys are special needs and bring me so much joy but can also can be very challenging. My day to day is always an adventure to say the least!

Tell us about your family. 

I'm the youngest of six. Some in my family would like to say I was the spoiled one. I believe I was the good one, which in turn let me get away with much more then them. 

I'm pretty lucky to have three amazing men in my life, one being my husband and two being my twin 10 year old boys.

How did you hear about Crossfit Delaware Valley? 

My sister in law Amy. She belongs to Crossfit West Chester. I was looking to get into something new so she suggested I check out Crossfit Del Val. The rest is history as they say. 

Tell us some memories from your first class. 

All I remember is Pete Carrea yelling at me to run. I thought why the F is this guy screaming at me?? But at the same time I kept my ass moving. I quickly learned after, that right there is what Crossfit is all about and I was hooked. 

We can usually find you at either the 9:30 or noon class. Tell us a few of your favorite memories from that class. 

Sooo many favorites! One of my first 9:30 classes they were celebrating someone's birthday after class and everyone brought all this food and booze, I thought wow, it's 10:30 in the morning and everyone's drinking. These are my kind of people! The inappropriate banter between coaches and athletes is probably my favorite. I mean we aren't called the Dirty 9:30 for nothing! 

You just finished up the Fall Nutrition Challenge. Can you tell us about your experience and how it turned out for you?  

First and foremost Jacki did an awesome job running that challenge. She was available 24/7 with all my cry for help texts. She even got me through Halloween. I've yo-yo dieted my entire life. I went into this challenge saying I wanted a permanent lifestyle change that I could actually stick to. And what I found in taking the 7 week challenge was exactly that. I've learned portion control as well as "treat" control. I always had a hard time with combining the two. My daily stresses in life can derail me, as with most people.  I've learned how to NOT let them derail me. I feel 110% better with all aspects of life with my nutrition under control. CrossFit class and eating well went hand in hand for me since I've started CrossFit. But not getting into class for consecutive days for whatever reason (kids sick, holidays etc.) would totally sink my good eating. It felt like I was "starting over" all the time. I've learned during the challenge how to get through that. I'm happy to say I'm down almost 20 pounds since starting the challenge. I have a long way to go but I feel like I finally got it. 

What are some short term goals that you have recently achieved and some long term goals that you would like to achieve? 

I've never really set goals for myself other then getting to the gym consecutively. But I did recently...finally..move to the floor for push-ups. My goal now is to try to work on them as much as possible so I can stay on the floor. Double unders and the dreaded kipping pull-ups are next. 

Tell us about a recent PR and your game plan to achieving it? 

I recently PR'd with my shoulder press, push press and box squat. Doing the challenge has definitely improved my confidence with lifts. It's truly amazing how much nutrition plays a part. I also have my good luck charm Julie to thank. She gave me the push I needed to get those records.

What have you learned about yourself since starting Crossfit? 

I've learned that no amount of therapy can cure what a good ass kicking Crossfit workout can cure. It's truly my sanity and look out if I can't get in for a few days! 

What is one piece of advice that you would pass along to a new athlete who is just starting Crossfit? 

Don't be intimidated.  Stick with it. Show up. Don't be afraid to scale. No shame in it. Don't obsess over the whiteboard. Compete with yourself. 

Tell us something we don't know about you... I've been watching General Hospital since grade school 

Fill in the blank:

I love my husband Bill because... haha how did this question get in here?? Is the correct answer because he makes the best wangs in Delaware County?? I love him because he's the bees knees (just heard that recently and had to use it!)

My favorite type of music is.... ugh hard question. I love all types of music... I guess my favorite to workout to would be hair bands or 80's pop and my favorite song is... impossible to answer. Right now I'm on a Wham kick (r.i.p. George Michael!)

If I could go anywhere in the world it would be to... anywhere with my husband, with no kids of course lol

I'm really excited for... kids to go back to school (that sounds horrible lol)

I find happiness in... a quiet house and a martini ...or two

Extra comments: I've made some of my best friends here at Del Val. Everyone should be as lucky to find something they love and to do it with such great people.  Being supportive of each other and to each other is what makes this a wonderful and amazing community.