Do you offer Babysitting? 
YES, but only during our 0930am weekday class. The kids room is off the main training floor and staffed by a sitter during this session. Self-sufficient kids may hang out in the room during other classes.

Do you have Wi-fi onsite?

Can I do my own workout?
Yes. We have a wholly separate training space (the Dungeon) equipped with four platforms. As long as the gym is open, you can use this space. If you have a session-pack membership, Open Gym visits are considered a session.

How does the Yearly Unlimited Membership work?
The total cost of the Yearly Unlimited Membership is $1690. To initiate the membership, we charge two payments of $130 (total $260). For months two through twelve, we charge $130 each month. Clients may cancel at any time, but we don't refund the 'extra' payment made to initiate the membership. This membership comes with a two-week membership hold, used at the client's discretion. 

Do you have showers? 
Unfortunately, no. 

Where can I find the weekly workouts? 
Check out our Facebook page or our blog. Rob posts them every weekend.