Amy Babiak

Amy has been a dedicated member of CrossFit Delaware Valley since 2013. Before she joined, she had not followed any fitness regimen consistently until she stumbled upon Kettlebell training in 2012, which resulted in her introduction to CrossFit. It only took one class and she quickly became hooked, not only because of the varied workouts that kept her on her toes, but also because of the supportive and encouraging community that pushed her to be the best version of herself. Since joining Del Val, Amy has stepped well outside of her comfort zone and tried her hand at competing for the first time, participating in several CrossFit competitions, both partner and individual. And, as result of the varied training modalities that CrossFit incorporates, Amy soon developed a deep love for powerlifting and competed in her first meet in 2016.

 Through her CrossFit and Powerlifting training she has learned that hard work, discipline and consistency are key to achieving your goals and that anything is possible. She also understands the fears that many people may have, such as being inverted at the wall or getting back to box jumps after a hard fall, but she is also fully aware of the thrill and sense of accomplishment in conquering those obstacles. It is for that reason Amy received her CrossFit L1 in September 2017, with the hope of assisting others in realizing their full potential as continues to develop as an athlete and coach.

When she's not at the gym or work, Amy spends most of her free time either hanging out with her husband Nick, or hunched over her desk drawing furry things.