Lean Out Club

Everyone is different. What works for me won’t necessarily work for you. When it comes to changing your body composition, or changing old eating and lifestyle habits, the whole thing can seem overwhelming. Where do you even begin? This is where the Lean Out Club (LOC) comes in. LOC is designed to help you reach your goals, get the body you want, and live a healthier life. The LOC is not a diet or fitness challenge. Your time in the LOC is determined by you and your particular goals.

Who is this for?

LOC is for anyone looking to:

  • Make a serious change in their eating and lifestyle habits
  • Change their overall body composition
  • Determine a nutritional lifestyle that works best for you

LOC is NOT for anyone looking for a quick fix or crash diet.

The program is simple but not easy. But if you stick to it, you will see positive results. 

What is the process? 

LOC cycles run in three-month blocks. Upon registering, athletes will meet for a 60-minute consultation with one of our coaches for an initial assessment and planning session. Upon completing the initial meeting, the athletes will have a complete nutrition plan for the next twelve weeks. In addition, athletes will gain access to a private message board where other LOC athletes can ask questions and receive input and help from coaches and members alike. 

In months two and three, athletes will meet with their coach for 30-minute update sessions to modify their plan according to their results. 

Throughout the entire three-month journey, athletes receive unlimited email and phone support from their coach!

What kind of diet do you recommend? 

We recommend the plan that works! We don't use any template-based approaches in the LOC. Each plan is developed specifically for the athlete in question.

How much does the service cost?

The entire three-month LOC membership costs $150 and is charged separately from any gym membership dues. The service is available to non-CFDV athletes and may be administered via phone or Skype, if necessary. 

I'm interested! How can I find out more about the service?

If you'd like to schedule a brief phone call to see if LOC is right for you, please complete the form below and we'll get right back to you!


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