February Athlete of the Month - Phil Gagliardi

Congratulations to Phil Gagliardi for being chosen as February's Athlete of the Month! Phil's dedication to conquering new Crossfit movements (specifically his bar muscle up!) is one of the many reasons why we're spotlighting him this month. 

How long have you been doing Crossfit?

It was 4 yrs. in October. I had to take some time off due to injury or the birth of my twin boys but I have been pretty consistent. Time flies when you’re having fun!

What piece of advice helped you the most with doing your first bar muscle up?

Not to give up. The crew at 5:30 has been so encouraging that there was never a time that I didn’t think I would get it. It was just waiting for the right moment.

Name two of the most memorable PR's you've set.

Bar Muscle-Up and my first 400lb Deadlift

You always attend the 5:30am classes. What motivates you to get up so early every morning and make class?

1) Family  - I do this for my health. I want to make my family proud and be there for them.

2) Friends - The group of friends that I have made at 5:30 & 6:30, not to mention the rest of the CFDV community, make it a pleasure to wake up that early.  We love to set the bar for the rest of the day. 

You have four kids. How do you balance family and work, while still fitting in time for Crossfit?

That is another reason I choose to do 5:30am. It helps me balance fitness, work and family time. It is also helpful that my wife and kids are all involved with CFDV on some level. They know how important exercise and activity is to me. Ashley is my biggest cheerleader and is always motivating me to get better.

What's one piece of advice or one tip that a Del Val coach gave you which has stuck with you?

This is difficult because I have learned so much. I stick around and stretch during the 6:30 class and I hear so much more when I am not doing the workout. Chris Foehl has been a great coach is always dropping knowledge on us. It is also nice to have some different coaches every once in a while. As an athlete having different coaching styles helps different types of athletes.

Now that you achieved your first bar muscle up, what is your next goal?

Ring muscle-ups, no doubt!!!

What advice would you give to new members?

Listen! Listen to the trainers, listen to some of the more experienced members & most of all listen to your body. No matter what your past exercise/sport levels where, do not come in and expect to be the best. Take your time, listen & learn.

How has Crossfit impacted your life outside of the gym?

Most recently I have attended Rob’s Flexible Dietingseminar back in November. Since then I have lost over 20 lbs. This has helped me in many ways. Also, at age 41 I feel better now than when I was in college.

What is your favorite cheat food and dessert?

Any pasta and gravy (that’s right, I said gravy!) & cookies and milk

Favorite non-Crossfit activity.

I love doing things as a family outdoors. When the weather is nice we try to get out every weekend and do something. A “me” activity would probably be messing around in some master lacrosse leagues. 

Favorite thing about CFDV.

The people, especially the “girls” at 5:30. (not to mention Chris P, Tommy L, Ryne A, Jeff, Bruce, Jabari and the rest of you meatheads). A little part of me feels that if I don’t get up, get to the gym and push myself that I am letting the rest of the class down. On the flip side of that I also know that no matter how well I do they will be pushing me and cheering me on until the end.

Any extra comments?

I want to thank the trainers for asking me to do this. I am honored. I do appreciate everything that CFDV has given to me and my family in the way of motivation and goal setting. Thank you