Athlete of the Month - Tommy O'Leary

Congratulations to Tommy O'Leary  for being chosen as April's Athlete of the Month! Tommy's success in and outside of Del Val is a direct result of the goals he sets and works hard to achieve, along with his positive and encouraging attitude towards his fellow athletes. 


How long have you been doing Crossfit? 

2 years.

What is one difficult Crossfit movement that you recently achieved and what was your game plan for achieving it?  

A bar muscle up. I practiced before and after class and listened to my coaches suggestions. I think it took me 5 months to get one and I was able to get 3 rounds in the CrossFit Games Open workout 16.3.

How has your mindset towards life/ fitness/ nutrition changed since starting Crossfit? 

It has changed dramatically over the last two years. I’m constantly thinking about how I can improve both my fitness and nutrition. It has taught me that everything is attainable.


What's one piece of advice or one tip that a Del Val coach gave you which has stuck with you? 

Haha. The more I think about this question the one piece of advice I got from coach Jacki when i first started was “you’re not gonna die, I swear.”  I constantly tell myself that in the middle of a tough WOD.


Name two of the most memorable PR's you've set.

Recently I finished DT in under 10 minutes and improved my Fran time by 3 minutes.


What are your current goals? 

Currently I’d be stoked to get a ring muscle up. Also I’ve been shooting to get down to 205 lbs.


How do you balance married life and work while still finding time to attend class? 

Married life is great! My wife loves that I started CrossFit, except how much I talk about it. I make time for class after work or before.


Favorite non-Crossfit activity? 

Playing basketball or soccer with my wife and daughter, golfing, and surfing.


Favorite thing about Del Val? 

Definitely the community. The athletes and staff at Del Val are the reason I love going so much. I’ve been last to finish WODs a lot in the past two years and the fact that people never stop cheering for you is amazing. Not like any other gym I’ve been to.