May Athlete of the Month - Kelly Muessig

Congratulations to Kelly Muessig for being chosen as May's Athlete of the Month! This chick is on fire! From getting bar muscle-ups just in time for the Open, to getting her first ring muscle up earlier this week, Kelly's success comes from her passion for Crossfit and those who inspire her.  

How long have you been doing Crossfit and how did you hear about CrossFit DelVal?

I started CrossFit in January 2015 (an New Years resolution I actually kept), so a little over a year. I thought about joining CrossFit for at least two years prior but was intimidated. When I decided to try it out, I googled "CrossFit Delaware County" and came across the CFDV website. About a minute after I spoke to Rob, I knew I would join. He was so welcoming and supportive it wasn't even a question. Best fitness decision ever. 

You've been PRing all over the place! If you had to choose, what are two of the most memorable PR's you've set and why?

My recent Fran PR felt pretty great. I think mostly because there is no other wod that brings that type of energy (or dread) to the gym. I had two people really supporting me the entire way through and it made a huge difference. 

I was also pretty excited about my split jerk PR the other day. Not because it was particularly great but because I NEVER thought I'd be able to lift 135 pounds over my head. NEVER. Same scenario with that one, I had my favorite lifting partner (Kathy) with me and my other homegirl (Laura) across from me and it just felt good to have them there. 

I know its says two but I couldn't talk about memorable CF moments without mentioning getting a bar muscle up for 16.2. I still can't believe how that happened. Then Kellie Vetter getting one was just a really good day. 

What type of WODs do you look forward to?

I really like running wods with a gymnastics movement thrown in, like Helen. I was a runner for years before CF so it's comfortable for me. However, I really look forward to wods that make me better in areas where I struggle. I try to never shy away from a wod with snatches or any Olympic lift really, because they are the most difficult for me. I also enjoy an overhead squat because they keep you humble. 

What motivates you to wake up early every morning and take the 6:30am class?

100% the people. Chris and the 5:30/6:30 crew are some of the best people I have ever met. There is a very special bond between people crazy enough to get up that early and work that hard. I laugh every single morning and I am so grateful to those guys for being so supportive and positive. The weekenders are great too. I love the energy of a packed gym on Saturdays and Sundays. It really takes no motivation to get there. I go there because it's fun. The better question would be how do I motivate myself to not go there. I have a really hard time with rest days. I only take them because people tell me I should. 

What is one difficult Crossfit movement that you recently achieved and what was your game plan for achieving it?

Well, I just got a ring muscle-up yesterday! My plan for getting it was to get on the rings as much as I could and not care if I looked like an idiot. Spending that extra time on the weekends attempting them a million times, I'm sure I did. That and listening to the advice of the coaches (and Pete). Rob really made it happen though. He gave me two cues that just clicked for some reason. He is an awesome coach (and human). 

Do you remember how you felt after your first CF WOD?

I remember feeling really excited and like I sucked at everything. I did have a sense that something was about to change majorly for me, in terms of fitness. I wanted to learn how to do everything all at once. I had never even done a pull-up in my life so everything seemed overwhelming, in a good way. 

What's one piece of advice or one tip that a Del Val coach gave you which has stuck with you?

This is hard. There are so many pieces of technical advice I get every time I come into the gym. Aside from that stuff though, I think the biggest piece of "advice" would have to be something Chris says to me all the time. Two words: "try it". Anytime I consider scaling a workout, I will always at least try the RX movement. Nine out of ten times I surprise myself. That simple advice has made a huge difference for me in terms of getting better at CF. Chris has been a huge supporter of my stubbornness and been willing to coach me through a lot of "trying it". 

Also there was a time I wanted to quit because my hands hurt or something and I was acting like a huge baby. Julie told me to take one thing at a time and not try to do everything all at once. She's the main reason I came back that next day. 

Something we don't know about you.

I love hardcore gangster rap. The more offensive the better. It's weird because I'm like this little white suburban mother but I like what I like I guess. 

Favorite thing about Del Val?

The friendships I've made and the supportive nature of those friendships. Every time I'm there I'm proud of something someone else is doing. The people at CFDV do really awesome things. They are strong and committed and not afraid to work really really hard. I think that's friggin' awesome and they make me want to be a better athlete and person. 

Fill in the blanks (one word):

This is very hard to keep to one word because I love to talk (ask Chris)
I like... sweating
I'm excited for.. mornings
I just ate.. peanut butter (I guess that's 2 words, see, I told you)
I am... grateful

Any extra comments?

Thanks for making me Athlete of the Month! I love CFDV like it were my child.  Now please stop paying attention to me.