Athlete of the Month - Kathy Molloy

How long have you been doing Crossfit and how did you hear about Del Val? 
Prior to DelVal I had been at a gym in the area for 2 years that referred to themselves as CrossFit Light. When they closed my girl Michelle Perri suggested DelVal, best suggestion girlfriend! I just had my 2 year anniversary at CFDV last week.

What type of workouts do you look forward to?
I can’t believe I am saying this after how sore my back is from yesterday but I like deadlifting, both on a strength day and in wods.  I also get a little jacked up for any of the benchmark wods, nervous energy to see how/if I am improving or not improving. But honestly, I love all of it! The programming has been awesome recently and I look forward to most days. The things I hate (ahhhemm…running) I have been pushing myself to never miss and hopefully get some wind.

What motivates you to wake up early every morning and take the 6:30am class?

I started with mornings because sometimes selling real estate can have a crazy schedule and the early morning is the best time to not have any interruptions. But once my body adjusted to the shock of being up and active that early I really came to love the added energy and motivation it gives me at the start of my day. Some days when I don’t make it and I actually sleep in, my whole day is thrown off. Plus I love my Early Bird crew! They inspire, motivate and make me laugh every single day! They are such a great group of people!

Do you remember how you felt after your first CrossFit workout?

When I came in for my introductory class, it wasn’t too bad and I thought, no big deal, switch gyms, it’s all the same. I couldn’t have been more wrong! One of the first workouts I did was Fran, I completely scaled it and I couldn’t breathe for about 6 hours. One other one that rocked me when I started was back squats. The first time I did them with Chris coaching me, I soon found out my last gym wasn’t about the “technical” aspect and I had to go down about 40 lbs. from my last PR to get depth…..and he still has to watch to make sure I get depth!

What is one difficult Crossfit movement that you recently achieved and what was your game plan for achieving it?

I got a bar dip yesterday!!! My upper body strength is severely lacking and I have been trying to build more across the board, not just dips. Pull-ups, chest to bar, handstand push-ups; I struggle with them all. I have been working on push-ups when I am at home. Chris has rightfully used me as a “what not to do” in the past but last week he complimented my push-up and I was excited all day after! Little by little I can feel a difference. 

Now that you've achieved your first bar dip, what is your next goal?

I would love to get a bar muscle up. Crap, now that I actually put that in writing Kelly will be on me like a cheap suit! 

What the most memorable CFDV party, event or competition that you've attended and why?

No question - the In-House Competition! It seemed that almost everyone participated, which was amazing! All of the smack talk ahead of the actual comp was fun but it was really awesome to see everyone come together. I know at one point while I was judging the Night Crawlers, I had to count their rope climbs on my fingers because I was cheering them on so loudly. And it was the same for every group, encouraging everyone across the board! 

What's one piece of advice or one tip that a Del Val coach gave you which has stuck with you?

“Try it!!!” and “Don’t give up!!!” I honestly feel like I learn something new every day! There isn’t one coach I don’t feel like I could reach out to with a question or concern that wouldn’t give me their undivided attention to help me through whatever it was.

Something we don't know about you. 

I once played a hand of blackjack for $10,000.

Favorite thing about Del Val?

No question, the people! I have made some closer friendships with people I have known a short time than others I have known for 20 years.  Also, the support you get, no matter what class you attend; from both the coaches and the athletes.

Fill in the blanks (one word):

I like...sugar (sorry Rob!)
I'm excited for..class!
I just ate..chicken (piccata w/ artichokes and mushrooms)
I am...tired!

Any extra comments? 

Thank you so much to all the coaches for choosing me to be athlete of the month. I am truly honored!