Athlete of the Month - Vicky Lowa

Our next spotlight athlete wears her love for Crossfit and our community proudly, made visible by the encouraging smile across her face. She's touted most likely to stop mid-workout to cheer on fellow athletes, and you better believe she'll be there with a friendly fist-bump while you are recovering post workout on the mat. She truly contributes to Del Val's home-like atmosphere and with her selfless attitude it gives us great pleasure to now highlight both her individual success and the inspiring example she sets. 

Please join us in congratulating Vicky Lowa as September's Athlete of the month!

How long have you been doing Crossfit? I've been doing it officially for about a year and a half but was introduced to it several years ago by my husband in our garage. I would give him such a hard time at first, complaining that these movements didn't feel right and that it hurt but he never gave up on me.  I'm glad he didn't because by the time I became pregnant, I was doing "Crossfit Mom" workouts in our garage.

How did you hear about Del Val?  Again, I have to thank my husband for that as he was a past member. Unfortunately, his work hours prevent him from coming so he lives vicariously through me.  

Not only are you a Nurse at Penn Medicine but you are also in the Army. How do you balance work, family and fitness? It's all about priorities and all of these are important to me. Having good work/life balance makes me a better person to care for my patients, serve my country, be a better mom and wife. 

Tell us about your family. I've been married for 3 years to my husband Karl and I have a son, Christian who is almost 2 and two older stepsons Evan (8) and Kyle (13).

How has the Army prepared you for Crossfit or vice versa? Being in the military does require you to maintain a certain level of fitness.  We are tested twice a year, but I have to say that it's very limited to push-ups, running and sit-ups. Doing Crossfit has undoubtedly increased my level of fitness overall.  

We can usually find you at the 9:30 classes. Tell us a few of your favorite memories from that class. It's really hard to say because every time I walk in that place, I know it's going to be great from Rob's silly jokes, Jacki's sarcasm, Julie's beautiful smile, Travis' wit and of course the awesome Dirty 0930 crew. The support I've received from this crew is unmatched. It's my happy place!!!!

What are a few of your short term and long term Crossfit goals? Good question!  I haven't really thought about this until now.  Short term goals are just to continue getting stronger but also seriously focus on my nutritional intake.  I'm a carboholic and love my desserts.  My longer term goals are just to become a more well-rounded Crossfitter, working on HSPU's and of course, the muscle-up.  

Tell us about a recent PR and your game plan to achieving it. It wasn't so much a PR but more of a workout.  Back during the Open, I remember doing 16.4.  I was so nervous about the deadlifts and sure enough, they did me in.  I did about 20 reps at 155 and then dropped down to 135 and still wasn't able to finish all 55 because my back was shot.  We recently did it again and the night before my husband and I strategized on the best way to approach it by breaking it up into small manageable chunks and it worked.  Not only was I able to finish the deadlifts but I got through the wallballs and almost finished the rower and my back was still intact.  I felt so good coming out of that workout.  

What types of workouts do you look forward to? Really hard to say because they all challenge me in some way, which is why I love Crossfit. It's never boring.

What's one piece of advice that you would pass along to a new member who is just starting Crossfit? Don't let intimidation get the best of you. Crossfit is such a wonderful and supportive community of coaches and athletes.  I can't tell you how many times a cheer or a clap or even a grunt from Pete has gotten me through a workout.  

Something we don't know about you.. I played Rugby for 6 years. There is no better sport.  Where else can you spend 80 minutes tackling people to the ground and then having beers with them afterwards. 

Fill in the blank...

I am...47 (yikes, I said it) and I'm the strongest I've ever been 

I'm craving.. Any type of carb. It's like crack for me

I am listening to...depending on my mood, you will find electronica, hip hop or salsa playing on my radio

The last movie I watched was.. Ice Age. What can I say, I have a young son

My favorite restaurant is...hard to say because I love food whether it's Indian, Thai, Italian, etc. Part of the reason I workout is so I can eat.

My favorite thing to do outside of being at Del Val is... Being with my family