Athlete of the Month - Bud Lefkof

Tell us about your Crossfit journey:
I got started in Crossfit on Labor Day in 2014 at Crossfit Harmony.   Thanks to my lovely wife Jen who told me "I am cancelling your YMCA membership and you are coming to Crossfit with me."  Larry Palazzolo was coaching that day and it was an absolutely brutal workout and I was horribly out of shape.  I don't miss a single thing about the YMCA and I can't imagine ever going back.  When Harmony closed I transitioned DelVal and it has been fantastic.

What do you do for a living?
I am a software engineer and I am CTO/co-owner of a small consulting firm in King Of Prussia called KSM Technology Partners. I love programming and have been writing code since I was 15 years old.

We can usually find you at the 5:30pm classes. Tell us a few of your favorite memories from that class.
I am a 5:30 regular but I also love Sunday Bootcamp because you get to see people you normally don't get to see.  My favorite memory was in the Summer of 2015 Chris Foehl ran a 12 Days of Christmas in July workout.  It was a first time workout for me and the gym was steaming hot.  Halfway through the workout Justin Marriott runs by me and vomits out the garage door.   He then runs back to his station and continues the workout like nothing was wrong.  If I vomit during a workout I just head right to my car and go home!

Many of your weekends have been spent volunteering, judging and/or supporting friends at local Crossfit competitions. Why do you like to volunteer and what do you enjoy most about those experiences?
I think Crossfit competitions are a lot of fun and the energy and vibe is great.  When you volunteer at competitions you meet people from all over and can be amazed by incredible acts of fitness.

What are a few of your short term and long term Crossfit goals?
I don't really set any goals except to get a little better each day.  For the long term, I do Crossfit to hopefully increase my life expectancy.  I am 42 and I would like to at least make it to 80!

Tell us about a specific movement or lift that was challenging for you when you first started Crossfit. Have you overcome this challenge and if so, how?
My mobility was "horrible" and has been upgraded in two years to only "terrible".  I am proud to say I used to not even be able to overhead squat a PVC pipe and2 years later I can actually do 115 lbs!

What types of workouts do you look forward to?
Group workouts. The pain and misery is much better when you are not alone.

What's one tip that a coach has given to you which has helped you improve a skill?
Rob Miller helping me front rack the bar had me change my approach for bringing my elbows in together before bringing them up. My front rack still stinks but it is way better!

What the most memorable CFDV party, event or competition that you've attended and why?
Will Wod for Beer 2014.  I had been Crossfitting for 3 weeks and I think I got to 135 on the Clean and Jerk ladder and everyone in line was helping me.

Something we don't know about you..
I played Division 2 soccer and lacrosse for Bloomsburg University.

Fill in the blank:

I have 4 cats and their names are Toby, BP, Didi, and Biggie Smalls. They are Jen's cats that just let me live there.

My wife Jen, really wants a pair of dogs.

My favorite music genre is Classic Rock.

My favorite food is Sushi.

My favorite thing to do outside of being at Del Val is eat!