CrossFit Games Open and Shirts

The CrossFit Games Open is set to begin on Thursday, February 23rd. As always, our gym will be participating! Here's a short video about the Open to tell you what it's all about: 

Even if you don't plan on competing past our doors, I HIGHLY encourage you to join our team. Why? Simply put: this series will make you better. You'll do a unique workout every week and push yourself harder than you normally do. More push = more results! So, sign up today. 


This year, we're going to do a run of custom Open Shirts. These are $20 each and will be onsite prior to the first WOD. Want one? Complete the form via the link below and we'll charge your Wodify account, on or around February 10th. 



If I don't sign up for the Open, can I still do the workouts? 
Yes. The weekly Open Workout will be our Friday WOD for five weeks, starting on February 24th. That said, you should pony up and just register. You'll take it more seriously.

I'm traveling during week XYZ. What do I do? 
Most CrossFit affiliate gyms will run the Open as their workout on Friday or over the weekend. Call around to a few gyms near your destination and see if they can accommodate you performing the workout. Make sure you get someone to judge your performance and to agree to validate your score. 

I don't RX my workouts so I should do this, right? 
NO, you SHOULD register. There is a scaled division so the workouts are appropriate for everyone. 

Are we doing anything special to celebrate the Open?
Yes. We'll likely have one or two gatherings on Friday nights around the time of the Open. Watch Facebook and our blog for more info. 

Rob, I really love you. You have a fantastic singing voice. 
Why thank you. I love you too.