Transformation Tuesday: Jaclyn Jagodinski

We have a lot of expectant Mothers who’ve trained through their pregnancies here at DelVal. And most of the time, they bounce back from childbirth QUICKLY. This week’s Transformation Tuesday is no different, regaining her pre-pregnancy fitness in just a few short months. Congratulations to Jaclyn Jagodinski!

How long ago was your son born? 

Jason is just over 10 months old! Time goes by really quickly, I feel like just yesterday I was romping around the gym with a big ole belly!

When did you begin training after he was born? 

It took me about two months to come back to CrossFit. I joined LA Fitness after the first six weeks because truthfully, I was so nervous to come back to CFDV. I felt weak, slow and super intimated even though the 6:30am crew were hounding me to come back! Once I came back the support was amazing - no one judged me. I’ll be honest though, it was really hard. I felt stronger at 30 weeks pregnant than I did at six months postpartum and that was a hard thing to grasp but I just had to keep training!

What did you focus on when you re-entered the gym? 

I was determined to get my kipping pull-ups back! When I started, like many, I couldn’t do any and worked my as* off to get them! Around week 23 of my pregnancy, they disappeared and I thought I would never be strong enough to do that again….ever… and it was heartbreaking. I came back to the gym and started over with ring rows and before I knew it, I was back up over the bar…I cried with joy!

Have you done anything differently with your nutrition? 

Of course! I tried to stay very healthy during my pregnancy, I don’t think I even had ice cream! But, my genetics got the best of me and let’s just say I gained more than the recommended 25-35lbs. I grew up very overweight and have struggled for a long time, it wasn’t until after college that I really started to value and understand nutrition, not just the fad diet side of it. I had to work my butt off to get back in shape and spent a LOT of time envious of my friends who slipped back into skinny jeans after they left the hospital.

After I was about five months postpartum I did the Amplify! Program and Jacki really helped me refocus.  I was still nursing and she was super sensitive to that but still pushed me to fuel my body. I think I lost about 8 pounds on the program but during my entire postpartum journey I have lost over 50lbs. Only 6lbs of it was my baby!…HAHA

How do you balance your family, job and training? 

Okay, so this is where it gets REAL. This part of it is SO HARD if anyone tells you it is easy they are lying! I am the head of marketing at a software company in Wayne and my wonderful husband is a police officer, so his shift work and my work/travel schedule really suck. I had to start going to 5:15 am class and wow is that early and when you have to wake up all night to feed a baby, you’re basically dead. I did this because I wanted to stick to my goals.

I try to get to CFDV at least 4 days a week and if I can’t make any of the classes because my husband is working 14 hours I make sure to do something at home. The 6:30 am crew surprised me with a jogging stroller during my pregnancy so I spent a lot of time jogging down toward the gym and just rocking that Broomile [our mile run course] with my baby. Just this week I ran the Broomile in 8:25 and was shocked and so proud… I guess it’s a little easier without a stroller!

Do you have any advice for expectant mothers about training & fitness? 

Yes, I do.  No matter what, just make it happen. CFDV is where is spend my “me time”. I show up when my baby and my husband sleep and I do this because I want to! Being happy and healthy for your family is so important but being happy and healthy for yourself is priceless.

Also, this “balance” stuff is really hard. Show yourself grace whenever you can…new Mom or not!

Any other comments or thoughts? 

Thank you!