Recommended Equipment for CrossFit

If you’re new to CrossFit, you may have wondered if you need any specific equipment to participate? The short answer is NO. You can ‘do CrossFit’ with regular athletic clothes and plain sneakers. However, there are a few pieces of personal equipment that will really enhance your experience. Read onwards for our [short] list of recommended equipment!

Lifting Shoes

Weightlifting shoes are the most important piece of personal equipment, because they actually improve your performance! These special shoes are designed with a elevated, non-compressible heel that tilts your ankle forward, allowing you to achieve better positions for upright movements like the squat and jerk. And they’re super stable, which will allow you to ‘grip’ the floor and use your hips, legs and arms to work more efficiently.

New lifting shoes start at around $90 and can be found at web suppliers like Rogue Fitness. My advice: get the cheap ones to start. You won’t wear them that much and they last a LONG time. If you really get into Olympic Lifting or hit the lottery, get the $200 ones.

For all of your other CrossFit workouts, any regular athletic shoes will do. You DON’T need to get Reebok Nanos or Nike Metcons - literally any comfortable shoe will work. That said, if you’re going to spring for a pair of shoes specifically for non-lifting CrossFit WODs, get ones with a low, flat heel that allow you to feel the ground when you squat.

Wrist Wraps

In case you weren’t told, your wrists are gonna take a beating doing CrossFit. Overhead movements like the Press, Push Press and Jerk all put the wrist in flexion, and this position can be troublesome for new lifters. And don’t even get me started on Overhead Squat wrist position.. ROUGH.

While you’re conditioning your wrists, get a pair of Wrist Wraps. These are pretty cheap and can be tightened and loosened quickly between sets. After the workout, they roll together and can be chucked right into your gym back. Pro Tip: write your name on yours. 50% of our members have these Rogue wraps and if you leave them behind, I won’t be able to tell yours apart.

Jump Rope

Using someone else’s Jump Rope is like wearing their underwear. Just get your own! Jump Ropes are typically sized to the user - i.e. the handles should come up to between nipple and shoulder when pinched under one foot. If the sizing is even a little bit off, it’ll screw up your rhythm for Double Unders. You need consistent length to ensure the spin is the same each time.

If you’re a Jump Rope beginner, I recommend a thicker cable than the ‘speed ropes’ you see on our wall. The thicker cables allow you to ‘feel’ the rope as it spins and will get you into more advanced moves quicker. That said, thicker cables are heavier and it’s nice to have a thin cable once you get the timing and ‘wrist drive’ dialed in. I personally like this brand of Jump Ropes and tell my new clients to order the ‘Elite’ cable with the ‘Ultra’ as an extra for the future.

Annnd, that’s it. Of course, there are other things, like lifting belts, hand grips and knee sleeves. But if you’re looking for the essential pieces, the above list will cover you for most situations.

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