Transformation Tuesday - Mike Jones


Have you seen Mike Jones lately? He’s half the guy he used to be! Combining CrossFit with a rigorous nutrition plan has enabled Mike to lose 28 pounds. Additionally, he’s seen performance improvements in the gym and overall, feels much better.

When asked about how he did it, Mike commented that he ‘focused on hitting my workouts as hard as I could and eating within my macros. It was tough to break the habit of eating whatever I wanted, but it got easier’. Using a macro-based plan was the right choice for Mike, as it allowed him to be very specific about his daily goal. That said, Mike had to keep reminding himself that ‘this transformation was a lifestyle change and not something that happens over night’.

When asked about his support system, he immediately gave credit to his girlfriend Jen Taylor (also a CFDV member): ‘Jen was my biggest support. She cooked and weighed all of our meals on Sundays so that we had everything ready for the week. It also helped to have others doing it together to keep everyone accountable. Having my friends and family compliment and notice my weight loss really kept me motivated!’

Mike’s advice? Play the long game: ‘One bad meal won’t make you fat and one good meal won’t make you healthy. If you put in the work and have a positive mindset, you will get the results that you want!’

Congratulations, Mike!