Transformation Tuesday - Kathy Molloy

All of our transformation stories are special, because each one is unique and intensely personal. There are many paths to success, but all involve self-discovery, hard work and consistency.

Kathy Molloy has been a member at CrossFit DelVal for over four years (and before that for several years at another high-intensity gym). Recently, she had a ‘moment-of-truth’ where she realized that she had allowed several key lifestyle habits to back slide. Kathy decided to join our Amplify! Nutrition Fall Reboot challenge and improve her eating habits, for four weeks.

The results were immediate and noticeable: Kathy lost 11 lbs (14 on the gym scale!) and 4.5 points on the BMI scale. All in FOUR WEEKS. This, folks, is tremendous progress.

I sat down with Kathy and asked her a few questions about her journey:

What have you done differently over the past month?

Over the summer I felt I was going through the motions but with no intensity at the gym plus eating and drinking whatever I wanted. When I decided to get my head into it I made small changes at first, cleaned up my eating for a couple of weeks. Then I started Amplify with Jacki and decided to go ‘full on’ for 28 days and see if I could see a visible difference. I ate clealyn and added extra workouts with the "big kids" after the 630am class. Within a week I was feeling a difference!

How did you get ‘re-motivated’ to work on nutrition?

When I got back from Nashville in August I was horrified when I stepped on the scale, and that was it! And honestly I didn’t need to step on the scale, I was constantly feeling bloated.

Any tips and tricks you learned that others might find useful?

I have found, for me, I need to keep certain things in my diet or I feel "deprived" and then I have an easier time quitting. A small amount of milk in my morning tea, a diet coke a couple of times a week if I really wanted one (down from 7-8/day so that’s not bad). I moved the couple of “junk food” items I have to my pantry in my basement so I have to make a concerted effort to “cheat”.

Congratulations, Kathy! I hope your story is inspiring to all of our athletes, especially those experienced folks who are ‘going through the motions’. It’s never too late to clean up your nutrition!