Our Free Trial Workout

A consistent piece of feedback we get from our joiners is that they often delay starting, for months and sometimes years. ‘I’ve been stalking your website forever!’ is a common refrain. Most (mistakenly) believe that they need to ‘get fit’ before they begin. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The most important variable when starting a fitness regime is CONSISTENCY. Can you workout 3,4 or even 5 times a week, on the regular? Can you curb your sugar and alcohol usage? Can you get the sleep required to recover? Do you have a network of people who are ‘in the know’ about your fitness aspirations and are willing to support you? These are, in my opinion, the REAL things that joiners should be worried about. Trust me when I say that once the bell rings and the workout starts, no one cares that you’re scaling the weight or doing Ring Rows instead of Pull-ups.

At CrossFit DelVal, we host a free CrossFit workout for all of our new athletes. This workout is scheduled one-on-one with a CFDV Coach, during quiet times in the gym. The workout session lasts one hour and breaks down as follows:

0:00 - 15:00 - Meet the trainer and sit down in the office. Discuss fitness background and goals. Talk about the client’s ideal fitness outcomes and work through potential roadblocks.

15:00 - 30:00 - Coach the athlete through the movements used in the workout. Resolve any technical issues and suggest workarounds, if necessary. Explain the workout and discuss strategy.

30:00 - 40:00 - Perform the workout, which is:

On an 8-minute clock, Row 500m. With time remaining, complete as many rounds and reps as possible of: 12 Russian Kettlebell Swings (35lbs for guys and 26lbs for ladies) and 7 Burpees.

40:00 - 45:00 - Cool down from the workout, stretch, and re-enter the office.

45:00 - 60:00 - Answer questions about CrossFit, the gym or any related fitness subject.

We’ve run our free CrossFit workouts the same way for ~8 years. The workout is a keeper - it’s scalable, simple to teach, safe for beginners and most importantly, a great demonstration of our program and it’s efficacy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Firebreather or a Coach Potato: this thing is powerful and FUN.

How do we modify the workout? If you’re already fit, we might increase the weight of the kettlebell or increase the number of reps (or both). If you’re just getting started, we usually lower the number of reps or modify the range-of-motion of the Burpee. The ‘point’ of the workout is to demonstrate the program and how it might help meet a fitness goal. It’s to show the client how we work and about our gym culture. It’s NOT to impress the client with how hard we can push (anyone can do that!). There is no puking allowed and you WILL be able to walk up steps tomorrow.

If this process runs well, we set our clients up for a lifetime of success by introducing them to varied functional movements, calibrated to their physical limits. Once a prospective athlete joins our team, we gently knock on those limits until we establish new boundaries. Each workout is an opportunity to expand their margin of experience and get them just a tiny bit fitter. This is a long road with a distant horizon. Our Free Trial Workout is Step One.

CrossFit can be a life-changing pursuit, if you allow it to be. If you’re interested in giving it a try, you can book a Free Trial workout, just like the one described above. We promise to treat you well and not to ‘sell’ you. We don’t have to, because CrossFit sells itself.