CFDV Amplify! Nutrition Fall Challenge Winner: Andrew Dougherty

What was the deciding factor in your decision to participate in the Amplify! 28-day Nutrition Challenge?


The deciding factor would be my inability to lose weight. I couldn’t drop pounds like when I was younger.

What were some of the habits you changed during the challenge?

Everything changed with my eating habit! It turns out I knew nothing about nutrition. Small meals every 3 hours makes it easy.

How did changing those habits affect your performance in the gym during the challenge?

Performance in the gym through habit change is a just a bonus. The bigger picture is quality of life.

What is the biggest take-away from working on your nutrition for those 28 days?

Biggest take away - knowledge and a desire to learn more about nutrition.

You are now doing ongoing nutrition counseling with a customized meal plan to help you reach your goals. What are some of those goals?

My first priority is weight loss. After that it will be management and strength gain. I'm looking forward to bulking (don't think that is right word?). Considering how effective it has been losing, I’m excited about gains.