Transformation Tuesday - Abbey Rosenfeld

Is it really a ‘transformation’ if you were already in great shape? It sure is! At DelVal, we want to help meet our client’s goal, no matter how fine those goals are or how far they want to take their fitness. This week’s Transformation Tuesday is all about Abbey and her constant drive towards Elite Fitness.

By most standards, you were already in great shape. What made you want to pursue Nutrition this time around?

I participated in Jacki’s Amplify! Challenge two times before and noticed a big difference after each one. Of course, after the first time, cutting out alcohol was huge for me (and EXTREMELY difficult - the liquor store was my old happy place). However, I distinctly remember feeling so great due to not being hung over and having so much more energy at home and at the gym. I saw improvements in conditioning workouts but not necessarily for my strength movements. The second challenge was more dialing the nutrition back because I am only human and sometimes life just gets in the way. I continued to eat the way that the challenge suggested following the six week rules.

Then, this time around, I will be honest, the marketing got me with the idea of something new. I wanted to see results again. I was chasing that initial high. I wanted to rest less during metcons and actually wanted to start getting stronger. Lifting heavy weights, as many of you know, is not my thing. That said, I’m really starting to like it.

Jacki recommended that you eat more carbohydrate than you were used to. How did you approach this advice? How did it work?

I said “What you talkin ‘bout Willis?!” You just told me to only eat one starch a day and only around a workout. And this meant a good starch, like a banana or sweet potato. And now, after looking at the meal plan this time around, you want me to eat a starch/carb with every meal, and they’re things like oatmeal and rice cakes and protein pancakes? I was super critical and worried that I would gain weight. While I was on the ‘performance plan’ to gain muscle and strength, it was a very fine line for me because I felt as though I worked so hard to lose and tighten. I met with both Jacki and Rob a few times and they told me to trust the process. Of course, they were right. After the first week, I lost 4 pounds. I stuck with it. See, if you didn’t already know, I’m a rule follower and just a bit competitive. So there was no quit in me. I completed the challenge and got the desired results. Even now after the challenge I still follow the meal plan and tweaked my eating patterns. While it takes more food prep and planning, I am not as hungry as I was before. The starches/carbs are fueling my body with more energy and enabling me to put more into lifting and getting stronger. CFDV is now my happy place!

Did you see any performance drop-offs with regards to the challenge? How about for strength?

Drop-offs? Not really. At times when I felt like I didn’t eat right or ate too much right before a workout I felt as though I was slower or more winded. It really makes a difference. Without sounding too cheesy, what you put in is what you get out. This is really true across the board! As for strength, I feel stronger now than I ever have. I’m lifting more weight than I ever have. I’ve learned with this new Amplify! how to tailor my diet even more with the re-introduction of the proper starches and protein and the timing of when to eat them. I am taking Recovery after workouts, fish oil on a regular basis, and drinking 80 ounces of water per day. That said, it is all about consistency and finding what works for you. Seeing other people in the gym kill it is a great motivator for me to continue to push harder - a good form of competition.

Any advice to others looking to sort out their nutrition?

Do it! There will never be a good time. Just make a commitment and go for it! Keep a log and write down everything that you eat and drink. It sounds silly but it works. Get someone to hold you accountable and a buddy to do it with. I am so grateful to have Jacki in my corner to hold me accountable and Carl as not only my nutrition buddy but my partner for life. If you are looking to sort out your nutrition, I would strongly suggest setting up a meeting with Jacki. She’s the best! #donttelljacki ;)