Athlete of the Month - Jason Senatore

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Working hard and consistently attending class, Jason is our April Athlete of the Month. A recent transplant from Coach Matt's CrossFit Advance, Jason battles a shifting work schedule to make his fitness goals a reality. Congratulations, Jason!

Tell us a little about you.. How old are you? Where did you grow up?
So I'm 30 years old. I grew up in a town called Norwood about 10 minutes outside South Philly. Now I live in Tinicum Township with my wife Dee.

How long have you been CrossFitting? Why were you interested in CrossFit? 
I've been doing CrossFit for just under 3 years. I started out by dropping in here and there while I was doing my own routine at another gym. I was in a sort of fitness lull and Coach Matt and the rest of the folks at Crossfit Advance snapped me out of it. I became hooked to the high intensity workouts, so I quit the other gym I was at and started doing CrossFit full time. 

You work overnight shifts as a nurse and often come straight into the gym when you're done. How do you manage to still deliver an intense workout after being up all night? 
So I'm actually a respiratory therapist at CHOP. Some days my only option to get in a workout is to go straight from work in the morning. I make sure I take a lot of pre-workout! The tiredness usually goes away once the workout begins. 

What advice do you have to other folks with irregular schedules? How would you suggest they approach their fitness? 
For others with irregular schedules, I'd say just find the times that work best for you. It's difficult to be consistent with going the same time every day. 

Do you set goals for yourself? How important is it to set goals?
It's always important to set goals both personal and in the gym. In CrossFit it would be improve on all the Olympic lifts and get above 400 lbs on the deadlift. A personal goal would be to go back for my masters degree some day. 

Tell us about some of your favorite workouts. 
Before the Open I would have said Diane.. It's two movements that work well together for a quick burner (Deadlifts and Handstand Pushups). Other than that I'd say any workout that combines a power movement (clean, STO) with a body weight movement (pull-ups, push-ups). 

You originally trained at CrossFit Advance and now you're at DelVal. Share a good memory from each gym. 
At CrossFit Advance one good memory was performing there for a team competition. It was my first event that I had competed in, was a lot of fun, and something I look forward to doing again. Other than that just coming in each day and working out with a great group of people. CFA was a real tight knit community and was awesome to be a part of. At DelVal I just remember my first few times going in and how welcoming everyone was from all the coaches to all the athletes. It made the transition so smooth and I felt like I didn't miss a beat. 

Any tips on beard grooming? 
As far as the beard goes, I just use shampoo and let nature take its toll. I honestly do minimal grooming, outside of having my barber trim it up occasionally. I'm convinced though it adds a solid 50 pounds to all my lifts, no matter what they are!