Greg's Chinup Program

Greg Thomas recently asked me for some help to achieve his first chin-up. He wanted to add some additional training after class that wouldn't take him more than 15 minutes to complete. Here's a short video I made for Greg, explaining the program. This is an adaptation of Pavel Tsatsouline's 'Fighter Pull-Up Program', with nuance provided by the RPE scale and customized for the equipment available at DelVal. 

An important consideration for this program is selecting the right equipment and resistance when starting. Moving from 15 to 30 repetitions should be challenging but the reps should remain CLEAN and should be full range-of-motion. Two details that I left out of the video:

- Additional strength and tension could be provided by accentuating the 'negative' (eccentric) portion of the repetition. I wouldn't over-do this.. Maybe a 2 second descent? Count these reps as an 'upscale' from whatever setup you're currently using.

- In 99% of cases, I recommend that folks do CHIN-UPS (palms facing you) vs. pull-ups. You'll get over the bar quicker with a chin-up. 

Anyway, on to the video:

Here's the progression written out as sets and reps. The color difference indicates an athlete switching from one 'system' to another, eg. ring rows and then to banded chins.