Athlete of the Month - Michelle Perri

Her consistent attendance and enduring smile are just a couple of reasons why we love Michelle Perri! Read a little more about her below: 

You’ve been doing CrossFit for some time now, what’s your favorite movement in a WOD? Do you have a favorite “Girl” workout?  

I first started CrossFit when I was in college with my Mom. I fell in love with it and even more so, the community of it. I usually like all of the workouts. Partner workouts are my favorite. The “girl” workout I do like the most is 'Helen'. I also love squatting because it makes me feel strong. Believe it or not I like thrusters too!

How many hair bows do you own? Do you try to color coordinate every bow with every workout outfit?

I love bows! I think they add fun to my messy bun. I own about 100 different colors and try to match my outfit or my babies.

Do you currently have any CrossFit goals or nutritional goals? Do you have any goals outside of CrossFit?

My goals at CrossFit usually stay the same: try to move more weight while also trying to get (or beat) my old time. My main goal is to have fun!

Your eyelash game seems to always be on point- any mascara tips you can give to us girl athletes?

Thanks for that compliment. The best advice I can give is to use waterproof mascara. Can't have that makeup running down your face in a WOD! Add a little bit of eyeliner to it too - it helps make your eyes pop!

You have the whole family in the gym at times, how does that affect the gym atmosphere for you? Do you partner with Mimi [your sister], your Peggy [your Mom] or Kevin [your brother] the most?

I love that my family goes to the gym with me. Michael would be, he kills it at YMCA. But, Mimi is my go to. We do almost everything in life together. She’s the Yin to my Yang. Kevin and I laugh at each other and can't help but chat like the golden girls and it could distract others - so we can’t partner.  My Mom makes me proud to watch her. She's the strongest woman I know. She beat cancer twice and I love watching her try her best at the gym.

What’s one thing that people in the gym might not know about you?

I have made great relationships with the people at the gym and I think most people really know a lot about me. The newest “about me” is that I have surgery coming up in August. I have the BRCA1 gene, its the breast cancer and ovarian cancer gene. This surgery is preventing that. I’m hoping ‘Whisper Down the Lane’ turns into "She got a boob job” ;-)

You can only eat one meal for the rest of your life: What is it?

My favorite meal is definitely wings and beer with my husband Michael.  Something I’d have to eat for the rest of my life would be chicken caesar salad.

Bring us back to your first day at CrossFit Delaware Valley, what was it like for you?

I came to DelVal in 2014 with Kathy Molloy. On our first day, we met in the parking lot. We walked into the workout “Fran” and I think we did 45lbs and jumping pull-ups as a scale. We looked around and giggled saying, “girl we got to get pull-ups!”  We did every work out together for our first year. I came to DelVal in 2014 with Kathy. We pushed each other to get those pull-ups ♡!!

Any other comments:  

I love the Dirty 0930 Mom's Club!