CFDV Small Biz Spotlight - Ron Flowers

Interested in firearms instruction?

Meet Ron Flowers, CFDV Athlete and small business owner. Ron is the operator of Citizens Defense Training LLC, which provides firearms training to civilian gun owners and law enforcement alike. Ron has experience working on a number of platforms and can instruct ANYONE on the basics of safety, marksmanship and tactics. With decades of training and law enforcement experience, Ron is the ‘go-to’ guy for CFDV members looking to learn new shooting skills.

When asked about ways an ‘average’ person can remain safe, Ron noted that “the key to personal and family safety is situational awareness. This doesn’t mean living in a state of paranoia, but DOES require being aware of one’s surroundings”. He acknowledged that owning a firearm “isn’t for everyone”, and to seek professional instruction should you pursue ownership.
Look for Ron during late AM classes and in the Dungeon performing kettlebell work (often in his work clothing!). For more information on Ron and his business, please visit his website —>