Transformation Tuesday - Jacki Ford

Here are before and after shots of our Nutrition Coach, Jacki Ford. Jacki began her CrossFit journey in 2010 with our CrossFit group classes. Over the next several years, Jacki gained a ton of strength and work capacity, but couldn’t ‘break through’ to the next level.

Once Jacki realized that her nutrition was the limiting factor, she made a complete lifestyle change. She began prepping meals in advance and cut out processed foods. She was smarter about her carb choices and limited alcohol. All of her nutrition choices were ‘mindful’ and although she had occasional treats, she was able to maintain a consistent approach that led to a 50lb weight loss!

After reworking her nutrition, Jacki saw an immediate change in her body composition, which led to better performance across the board. The weight loss allowed for more intensity, which translated to better fitness results. If you’ve seen Jacki lately, you know that ‘she works out’!

Congratulations, Jacki!