Athlete of the Month - Jay Mensack

How long have you been a standing member at DelVal? How has CrossFit impacted your life?

I’ve been a member of CrossFit DelVal since April of 2013, so nearly 6 years. I remember the first workout smoked me and I was hooked. I did the 500 meter row then an AMRAP of KB’s and burpees. It was beautifully awful.

How does the ‘functional’ part of CrossFit play into your daily life and/or profession?

I think about the functionality of movements all the time. I think, “how is this movement going to make me better as a firefighter/EMT or even a PT assistant?” I move people a lot during my jobs and having a strong core, being able to lift with purpose and properly saves me almost daily.

You’ve been working with Jacki to fine-tune your Nutrition. How have these changes impacted your performance, mood, energy levels, etc?

I catch some grief from people sometimes because I complain about how hard it is to gain even just 2 or 3 pounds because of clean eating and eating the proper things at the proper times. Thankfully, we have her to guide us toward our goals. Thanks to her guidance I’m finally up 2 pounds. That said, eating right helps in so many ways. I have more energy. I can endure more and push through the tough WOD’s.

What are somethings about you that some other DelVal members might not know?

I’m a sort of shy, quiet guy until I get to know people. I’m also a humble guy who is sometimes intimidated by the quality and caliber of the athletes at CrossFit DelVal. There are parts of my life where I exude confidence, but I still feel like a beginner here some days.

My family means the world to me. I have three kids, two granddaughters and my first grandson is due in March. My ex-wife and I adopted two of our kids through the Delaware County Children and Youth. They were both in foster care and just needed someone to love them and care for them.

You're a frequent 4pm class attendee. What motivates you to keep coming into the gym daily, even on days that seem like motivation is low? What are some tips you would give to others who struggle to get to the gym as frequently as you?

My motivation is being able to keep up with the younger guys at the firehouse and being able to continue to do the things I like to do. As far as tips, you have to keep your goals in mind. Why are you here? How does it impact you daily? Another part that keeps me coming is the community that has been created here. It’s just a great group of people.

What have been some of your favorite DelVal memories?

This is tough! One of the funniest times was a 4pm, small class,  where Coach Jacki wanted us to partner up and when I turned around Susan Joseph was standing there and I said, “Come on d***** bag!” I thought Jackie was going to pee.

Another more personal battle, was during the 17.5 workout that was 10 rounds of 9 Thrusters and 35 Double Unders. This was in the days where Double Unders really eluded me. I was in the corner by the office where I was battling and refusing to quit. I knew I had it in me and kept going in order to complete this workout. Bud was counting and kept me focused. I finished at just under 29 minutes. This was (by far) the slowest time in the gym. But I finished!

Pick the winner of these four fights: Justin Marriott or a crocodile? Kyle Yerger or a pair of crocs? Matt Biller or an elephant? Jacki Ford or an ostrich?

Marriott is still a kid, crocodile’s got game and will crush him!!

Kyle’s Crocs smell like they’re dead already!

Biller will scare the **** out of an elephant demonstrating the clean and jerk in the way that only he can!

Ford is just a bad *ss! She’ll kick all their ***es!

We’ve heard Bill Greco was talkin’ sh*t about you. What's your rebuttal?

I was going to me mean but, he’s getting old and senile and don’t want to hurt his feelings. Truthfully, now that he’s healthy again he’s just getting so much stronger. He’s always fun to work with, to push, to feed off of. Bill and Liz are both great people, and I’m better  for having met them.