Amateur Hour Competition - Sunday, February 24th

The CFDV Amateur Hour IV Throwdown is a serious competition for not-so-serious competitors. Designed specifically for casual competitors and beginners, this event features RX and Scaled divisions and cash prizes for winners

The entry fee is $40 per individual (no shirt) or $60 (choice of tee or tank).

Amateur Hour will be split into two divisions – RX and Novice. The RX division is appropriate for athletes with over one year of CrossFit experience who are used to completing 50% of their local gym's workouts ‘as RX’d’. The Novice division is appropriate for newer athletes that are used to scaling their workouts.

While we acknowledge that the split between RX and Novice is not always clear, we have provided the following guidelines to help athletes calibrate themselves:

RX Competitors:

– Should perform approximately 50% of the Benchmark workouts as RX’d (Girls, Filthy Fifty, etc). This does NOT include Hero WODs.
– Possible movements and standards include: 95/65lb Thrusters for reps, 225/155lb Deadlifts for reps, 24/20″ box jumps, 20lb/14lb WallBalls to 10'/9′ target, 53#/35# kettlebell swings, kipping pullups, toes-to-bar, handstand pushups to one AbMat, and double-unders. Muscle-Ups will NOT appear in this competition!

Novice Competitors:

– Usually scale most of the Benchmark workouts RX’d (Girls, Filthy Fifty, etc. NOT Hero WODs).
– Should be able to handle weights that are within 70-80% of the RX standards.
– Possible movements and standards include: 75/55lb Thrusters for reps, 185/115lb Deadlifts for reps, 24/20″ box jumps or step ups, 14lb/10lb WallBalls to 9′ target, 35/26# kb swings, kipping pullups or jumping pullups, abmat situps, handstand holds and double-unders (in lower volume).