FriendshipFriday: Katie Longto & Alicia Fitzmire

#FriendshipFriday! Member Katie Longto and Alicia Fitzmire recently competed in our local competition Girls on Girls- but, did you know they have been friends for 25 years? Read more about how Katie and Alicia became childhood friends, what types of sports they did together as well as their obsession with the Olympics!

Katie(Q): Not many people know you and Alicia were friends long before CFDV; How long have you guys been friends? How did you guys meet? 

A: We're pretty sure we met the summer of 1994, at Marple Newtown Swim Club.  25 years ago!

Alicia(Q): Did you or Katie start CrossFit first? Was it coincidental you both ended up at CFDV? 

A:  I think Katie & I both started CrossFit within weeks of each other, without knowing the other was doing it.  I was living in NYC and Katie was on the West Coast. It wasn’t until many months later that we made the connection that we both had gotten really into a new sport, and of course, it just happened to be the same one. Obviously, I pushed for her to join CFDV when she moved back home. :)


Katie(Q): What were some of your favorite activities to do together while you were younger? Did you play any sports together?

A: We met on the summer diving team.  We both had done gymnasts, so some aspects of diving came pretty natural to both of us.  When we weren't at practice together, we were always trying to create more ridiculous dives as well as practicing gymnastics in whatever grassy field that was available! If we were’’t doing either of those things, we were most definitely on the trampoline at Alicia's house.  I think we could have won an AMRAP cartwheel competition in those days! No one ever got seriously injured, but my parents weren't thrilled with the no-handed cartwheels off the benches at the baseball field.  

Alicia(Q): Were you and Katie in the same grade? What’s embarrassing or funny story that involves you two?

A:  Katie & I were pool friends, so we were in different grades at different schools, but that didn't matter.   Most of our stories are probably only funny to us, or we can’t remember because, well, alcohol. We’ll have to discuss further in a handstand hold, since most of our best conversations took place mid-air, upside down or underwater. 


Katie(Q): You have two boys (5YO and 3YO) and Alicia has a boy (2YO) and a girl (4YO), do they play together? Do you think it’s important to have childhood friends continue between the young ones? 

A: They've had the chance to play together a few times and got along great (aka, total chaos)!  It feels almost like the "third-generation" of family friendships. We both have siblings who are 6-10 years younger than us and they are very close friends- in fact, Alicia and my two youngest brothers were all in her sister Allison's wedding party together. 

It's really cool to be doing this motherhood thing together with kids around the same age.  We're totally gearing up to be pool moms together someday #lifegoals 

Alicia(Q): Tell us a bit about yours and Katie’s love of the Olympics! 

A: We were just obsessed with all things gymnastics & diving as kids. We’d tape Nationals & Worlds and watch that over & over.  So naturally when the ‘96 Atlanta Olympics rolled around, we were all in. When the torch was being carried cross country leading up to the opening ceremony, we headed down to the art museum to watch the torch lighting at around midnight, had a sleepover, then were up at 5am to watch it proceed up West Chester pike - true dedication.  See Katie, you do have it in you to make it to 5:15 am class with me. :)

Katie(Q): You and Alicia dove and did gymnastics- do you think either of those sports have helped you in your CrossFit careers? 

A: Absolutely!  Have you seen Alicia handstand walk?  It's truly a sight to behold. And getting to be partners and do handstands together in a competition was pretty awesome too! But seriously, diving and gymnastics translate great into the CrossFit world, both physically but also mentally. 

Alicia(Q): Did you and Katie keep in touch when she moved to the West Coast? Did you guys make it a point to get together when she would visit home?

A: We definitely kept in touch, but life gets in the way when you have to adult.  We could go months without talking to each other. But when we’d reunite, we always picked right back up as if no time had passed since we were in Katie’s basement crafting our Olympic gymnastics floor routine to Robert Miles - Children.