Family Friday: Megan & Jeff Granata

Read about how Megan got her father Jeff in the doors of DelVal and how he’s been adapting to CrossFit while trying keep up with his daughter!


Q: (Megan): You encouraged your dad to join CrossFit DelVal after you had become a member, why so?

A: I encouraged my dad to join CrossFit because fitness and staying in shape is something I have always been passionate about. He always joked about how he use to be fit back in the day- “before kids”- so it was time for him to put his money where his mouth is!

Q: (Jeff): How was it having Megan in the gym when you first started CrossFit? Did having her there make your transition into CrossFit easier?

A: Having Megan in the gym with me was the only way I was going to go to CrossFit or to any gym. She was very instrumental in getting me to come back to a gym to improve my health and attitude. She even paid the first three months for me, to really insure I would go. Having her there to help me learn these new movements has been priceless to me.

Q: (Megan): Why was it important for you to get your dad in the gym? Was it hard to get him to first start?

A: One of my favorite things about CrossFit is the community, nobody cares about how heavy you can lift or if you scale workouts. What’s important is showing up and bettering yourself. I told my dad he should come to the gym with me for a long time and one day I finally was able to bribe him. Not only is it good for your physical health while aging, it’s great for mental health as well!

Q: (Jeff): Did Megan help you with any specific movements when you first started? Do you guys partner together for workouts frequently?

A: Megan as well as everyone at  CrossFit DelVal has helped me in many ways to learn the movements. I am still learning at my age today how to do many of these movements. The best one is getting back up after doing a burpee. I would like to partner with Megan more but she has her friends that like being with her at the noon class. So I have to pick my times wisely and share my workouts with others.

jeff and meagn 2.jpg

Q: (Megan): What’s your favorite part about having your dad at CrossFIt DelVal? If you and Jeff had to go toe-to-toe in a workout, who would come out on top?

A: My favorite part about having my dad at the gym is seeing how happy he has become. Everyone was so welcoming to him from day one and it motivates him to come back each day. If we had to go toe-to-toe in a workout we would be trash talking each other the whole time but, I would have to let him win since he’s my dad......

Q: (Jeff): What’s your favorite thing about having Megan at DelVal? If you and Megan had to go toe-to-toe in a workout, who would come out on top?

A: Well, to me -and don't tell her this- I get to spend time with my daughter doing something she loves to do. It makes me so happy seeing how much she enjoys working out and getting better at everything she sets out to do in her life! I enjoy the quality time with my children! Well I know she would probably win but, I would give her one hell of a run for her money! Watch out for Big Daddy!!