Weight Loss Wednesday: Amplify Spotlight Kevin Kuzmick

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Read about how Kevin Kuzmick got set up on Amplify, how its changed his relationship with food as well as how he stays on track with his progress despite the business of everyday life!

What was the deciding factor in your decision to participate in the Amplify! Nutrition program?

I was struggling with a lot of hip pain which left me unable to run or play hockey.  This coincided with the holidays, and I put on a decent amount of weight.  I was pretty miserable.  It felt like I needed to do something or my weight was going to spiral out of control.  Knowing I couldn’t work out too hard, I figured focusing on my eating/drinking habits was my best bet.  But if I was going to do something, I wanted help from someone to give me confidence that it was going to work. 

What were some of the habits you changed? How did changing those habits affect your daily lifestyle?

The biggest change was having some kind of eating plan that I was confident would work.  And some of the changes were pretty simple.  The first one I started with was drinking my coffee black (used to do 3 tsp of sugar plus cream).  Once you start logging your meals it becomes pretty clear what things you can cut out.  I’m actually back to liking black coffee and don’t even think about cream and sugar.  Another is not cutting carbs out of meals entirely but instead deciding to eating the right ones. I think both of these changes have allowed me to avoid those afternoon energy crashes. But the biggest one for me is actually measuring (or paying attention to) what goes into the meals we make and divvying them up into individual containers (even before the first meal) with appropriately sized portions.  I didn’t necessarily eat horribly but my portions were really out of control (apparently).  And I’m not walking around hungry now – it’s enough food.  And I no longer have those post meal hours of feeling completely stuffed. Last but not least, I try to be more mindful of the beers – IPA’s at 250 calories a pop can add up. 

What is the biggest take-away from working on your nutrition?

I sit at a desk most of the day.  I get some exercise, but I needed to be honest with myself that I wasn’t going to start working out 10+ hours a week to cancel out the bad eating and drinking habits.  Fixing my eating and drinking habits is the most important and effective way to manage my weight.  Have a plan (even if it’s just loose guidelines some days).  If I eat good food throughout the day then I can avoid getting to the point where I’m starving and the GrubHub app starts to look really sexy.

What is your total weight loss to date?

I’m down about 27 lbs.

You have been continuing to work on your nutrition on your own. How has that been going? Do you find you are still following your meal plan most of the time? 

It’s been going pretty well.  I don’t follow the meal plans exactly anymore, but I do reference them for general guidance (and frequently visit the recipes from the site).  It’s mostly about keeping good food in the house, measuring appropriately, and staying on plan.  When I have a bad day or two, I become really mindful not to compound it.  After a bad day, I will typically start logging my food again on myfitnesspal to get me back on track.  

How has living a healthier lifestyle affected your life? What are you nutritional goals for this coming year? 

Not sure I can pinpoint anything specific but I just feel better – physically and emotionally.  I think the biggest goal for me long term is to continue to get back on track and not compound the bad days.  Because my bad days will happen (and occasionally I want them to) – but my goal is to keep them to an exception.