#FitCoupleFriday: Jacki Ford & Craig Twesten

Jacki and Craig.jpg

Read about how coach Jacki Ford and long-time nooner Craig Twesten keep each other accountable, competitive and motivated inside the gym doors and at home!

Q: (Jacki): Tell us how you met! Did you two meet at a box, or meet before you started CrossFit?

A: Craig and I became friends when I took pictures of him and Bill Greco dressed as women for losing a bet after the Open one year. True story. They were both in skirts and tight shirts and they even took a prom photo, corsage and all! He’s been stalking me ever since. Also a true story.

Q: (Craig): What is it like to workout with Jacki or have Jacki around the gym with you? Do you guys ever ‘trash talk’ one another before/ after workouts?

A: Having Jacki as a partner in a workout is basically S&M (Rihanna style). It hurts so good. She makes me work way harder than my body allows but I know I’ll be better for it. “Can you slow down” comes out of my mouth more than once when we’re doing a WOD together.

I’m super competitive but she couldn’t care less about scores. “Our” trash talk is me stating I’m going to beat her score in a metcon and then me NOT beating her score. That being said I’m a far superior putt-putter. In fact I’ll beat anyone at the gym at putt-putt. I’m talking to you Justin Marriott.

Q: (Jacki): What is it like to workout with your second half, Craig? Do you workout together frequently? If so, do you guys get super competitive?

A: Haha “second half” couldn’t be more of the truth...I’m definitely the number one! Fact! We used to workout more frequently together, but now our schedules don’t really allow us to. We definitely are competitive with each other, but more for fun. We try to do partner workouts on Sundays just to workout together. I definitely miss him chasing me because it pushed me to work harder.

Q: (Craig): #DontTellJacki is the hashtag of our gym, does she help you stay on track with your nutrition? Do you guys meal prep things together?

A: She absolutely helps me stay on track. She doesn’t make unhealthy meals so there’s never the option to eat poorly. That being said when I want to eat a pizza or two and wash them down with a liter of ice cream that woman isn’t stopping me. “Go eat your salad you friggin’ hippie” I say to her and then I unlock my jaw and swallow Phillies Dollar Dogs by the dozens. FYI turns out Dollar Dog Night does not mean you can by a puppy for a $1.

Q: (Jacki): You guys recently took a trip to California- was working out something you guys incorporated into the trip? What was the best part of the trip?


A: Health and fitness are a very important part of our lives, so vacation doesn’t mean we abandon our lifestyle. We agreed to drop in to CrossFit only three of the days, simply because we knew we’d be walking most places (we walked 25 mins to and from the CrossFit classes we took in San Francisco) and one of the days we took a 12+ mile bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. We also made healthy food choices for our meals, with only a few ‘cheats’. My favorite part of the trip was spending much needed time away. We both work hard and don’t get many days off, so it was nice to just relax and enjoy our time away together.

Q: (Craig): What is your favorite workout to do together?

A: Any workout where we sweat it up and she takes off her shirt. That Jacki Ford is one piece of ace. I know from experience, dude, if you know what I mean? No, you don't. Well, not me personally, but a guy I know ... him and her got it on! Whoooooo-eeeeee! No, they didn't.

No, no, no they didn't. But you could imagine what it'd be like if they did, right? Huh? Huh?

Everybody on? Good. Great! Grand! Wonderful!

Q: (Jacki): Is fitness a big part of your relationship? In what ways?

A: It is, simply because we both love it. Both of us have changed our lives through CrossFit. And fitness doesn’t end with CrossFit. We try and walk anywhere we can, go to the driving range (he’s way better than I am), play mini golf (I’ve beaten him a few times and he HATES this fact), trail walks, outdoor games...any chance Craig thinks he can beat me at something, he suggests it. He doesn’t always come out on the winning side though, and he does not take that well. We recently finished a 5 month game of Gin Rummy. Yes, it took that long because we decided to go to 5000. I WON!

Q: (Craig): Who would win these three workouts between the two of you and why: Fran, DT, and Murph.

A: I can beat Jacki in eating ice cream, parallel parking, carrying more grocery bags, being good looking, shaving our legs, dancing, cooking minute rice(I can cook it in 57 seconds) vacuuming, bicep curls and ass modeling. Does that answer the question?

(Jacki) I’m chiming in on this...all of the things he listed above are ALL things I do better than him. So nice of him to expose his weaknesses. I will give him Murph, but I’ll give him a run for his money on Fran. As for DT, not even a competition.