Family Friday! Featuring: Matt & Brie McGillian

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Read about Matt and Brie McGillian enjoy a friendly brother-sister rivalry in the gym, who got who into CrossFit and what crime Matt would commit if he were to end up in jail on today’s feature of Family Friday!

Q: (Matt): Who started CrossFit first, you or Brie? Are you guys competitive with each other when it comes to CrossFit? Are you competitive with each other in other areas outside of CrossFit? 

A: I actually started CrossFit first- with the help of Matt Melvin 2 years ago. I think Brie started about a year later. I would say 100% of the time I will try and make it as competitive as possible between us (I don’t know how she feels about that). It may only be a simple, “you can do more weight than that” or  “you better beat my time” or “goodluck...” as I roll my eyes and shake my head but, she knows it is a competition...and she usually wins. We don’t really play too many sports anymore and our schedules are so different, so CrossFit is our new “one-on-one.” 

Q: (Brie): Would you/ do you ever try and partner with Matt for partner workouts? Would you say that you are competitive towards each other?

A: Yes, we’ve been partners before. He’ll always push me to do heavier weight even if that means he has to do more reps. I think I’m more competitive against him because he always beats me but, it makes me work that much harder.

Q: (Matt): Do you and Brie workout together much or try to sometimes? What is it like having a sibling at DelVal

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A: Every time there is a workout that we can do together we try and complete it together. Unless Morgan or Mare(my wife) are there, then I’m like, “Hey Tommy, do you need a partner?” Ha. But I think we learn from each other. Brie isn’t afraid to say to me, “bend your legs more” or “stay on your heels” and vise versa. It is great having her at the gym. It gives us time to catch up and talk and not just through text messages. Plus, trying to beat your siblings in anything is fun in general. 

Q: (Brie): What is it like having a sibling at DelVal?  Who would you say is more into the sport between the two of you?

A: I love it. If it weren’t for Matt I wouldn’t have ever tried CrossFit. He’s definitely more into it. Most weeks he’ll make it to the gym everyday and I know if I miss a good workout, I’ll be expecting a text from him.

Q: (Matt): Do you try and help Brie with anything CrossFit related? Who would you say is more into the sport between the two of you?

A: I try and help her whenever I can. She has asked in the past about certain movements like Double Unders and Deadlifting to name a couple. She is good enough now that I am the one asking the questions. If you asked me this question a few months back I would have said I was. But, this past Sunday she competed in the In-House competition (Hustle) and did great. I am sure there will be more competitions to come for her.  

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Q: (Brie): If there was one workout that you would smoke Matt in (or even just a movement) what would that be?

A: I can’t think of a specific workout but, I’d smoke him in any movement that includes squatting (LOL)!

Q: (Matt): Who is older you or Brie, what is the age gap between you? What is the funniest memory you have that involves Brie?

A: I’m older by four years and a day. My birthday is January 27th 1990 and Brie’s is January 28th 1994. I could go on with funny memories of Brie but, the best is when she tries to claim one of the two beds down the shore when theres already our parents, Mare and I, Brie’s two friends, Brie and her boyfriend. “The air mattress is in the closet.”Ha!

Q: (Brie): What is the funniest memory that involves Matt? If you got a call that Matt was in jail, what would be the first crime that comes to mind

A: One of the funniest memories with Matt was at Firefly (a music festival) when he decided to bring his guitar with him. He carried it around everywhere and could care less that he only knew the beginning of one song (which, he played over and over again). The first thing I’d think of if I got a call that Matt was in jail would be that he got locked up for speeding. He laughs at me every time we drive together because I’m always telling him how to drive.