Family Friday: Mike Kane & Dan Emmerson

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Mike and Dan are two hilarious dudes inside the gym and out, read more about their relationship, how Mike officiated Dan’s wedding, why Dan wears a shirt with Mike’s face on it and how they love to do holiday WODs together!

Q(Mike): Who started CrossFit first, you or Dan? Are you guys competitive with each other in regards to workouts?

A: I started CrossFit first, and like everything in life, Dan came around later. I had been coming to CFDV for about nine months and Dan was running his mouth about CrossFit the entire time. One day we went over his house for a barbeque and his friends were all commenting that I lost weight (this was a long time ago). The next day Dan signed up for the trial.

We do try to push each other, one time Dan entered the wrong weight into Wodify and I went in determined to beat it and PR’d. An hour later he fixed his score. We do a lot of Open WODs together and we have no problem telling the other to get back on the bar in colorful language.

*Dan Edit: Yes, he started before me. But the iPhone 3 came before the iphoneX, which one is everyone liking more now?

Q (Dan): Do you and Mike every do partner WODs together? Who do you think is better at CrossFit, you or Mike?

A: We do partner WODs a decent amount, if we are at the gym together then we workout together. We make it a point to do holiday ones together (like Murph), it is always a good time. We do this thing where we talk about something going on in the family half way through the WOD in order to catch our breath but we don’t have to come out and say to each other that we are winded and on the way to passing out.  

I know you have to ask these questions in a political way, but let’s be real, there is no “think”. It’s a simple fact that I am just clearly better at all-things than Mike, except shirt popping, he beats me there.

Q(Mike): What are some of your favorite parts about having Dan join CrossFit Delaware Valley?

A: Reminding everyone who Dan Emmerson is. “You know, the hungover guy that comes in late to 9:30? Yeah that’s actually my cousin. No he’s cool.” It has been fun to watch Dan transform into a total CrossFit bro though, after swearing that he would never buy a pair of CrossFit shoes when he started. Now he’s streaming Open announcements while sporting No Bulls.

Q (Dan): What is it like to have a family member in the gym? Do you think it’s helpful to have family at the gym when first starting CrossFit?

A: It is great to have family in the gym for sure. When I first started, I had a lot of questions that I would not have asked someone else. Having Mike there from the beginning was great because I felt comfortable from the start; I knew that I could text him and ask him what I was getting myself into for that day. His response is usually “Dude, you’re going to die”.

Q(Mike): How do you feel about Dan having a shirt created with your face on it?  Any plans for retaliation?

A: I thought it was a good idea with poor execution. The font choice was weak and he could have had a wittier comment. And oh yes, there will be retaliation and it will be devastating.

*Dan Edit: I ordered it in under 6 minutes after finding the bottom of a case of Corona. I’d say it is amazing considering the facts!

Q (Dan): What was the story behind the shirt that you had created with Mike’s face?

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A: Mike gets a bit frustrated that I get in more gym pictures than he does, I remind him that I cannot help that my form is simply better than his, thus more photogenic. However, being the caring family member that I am I wanted Mike to be in more photos. (Let’s be honest, if I can get next to him in a photo it simply makes me look that much more handsome, Ha!) So one night I may have had a few cocktails and thought his face on a shirt would be a nice gesture. I Googled a shirt company, lo and behold I found one that would make my shirt and have it to me in 4 days – sold! My wife thinks it is so mean and hates when I wear it, to me that is a sign that it is perfect (she is on team Mike, by the way). Phil G stopped me when I wore it and asked if it was a team shirt, unfortunately it is not, but Phil may be on to something here.

Q(Mike): Tell us about your roll in Dan’s wedding. What did you do?

A: I actually officiated Dan’s wedding to his much better half Meghan in Bermuda. I also did my sister’s wedding. I have no idea if either of those couples are actually married by law but that’s their problem!

*Dan edit: The entire time we were in Bermuda for the wedding and on my bachelor party we toasted to “Father Mike” or “Reverend Mike”!

Q (Dan): Tell us a little bit about where you grew up before you came to Delco?

A: I was born in Bermuda and lived there before coming to Delco. My mom is from Delco, went to Bermuda on spring break and met my dad (who is a smoooooth talking Bermudian) and pretty much did not come back. My parents moved back to Delco years later and live here now. One side of my family is here in Delco (Mike’s side) and the other is all still in Bermuda. Bermuda is like Delco, it is a small country and most people know each other. For our wedding we had a full Bermuda wedding and brought 70 Delco people to Bermuda, the stories are endless (70 delco people on a flight to Bermuda, issues began on the plane, ha!) and probably to explicit for this forum. But, I will say that Mike and his wife found themselves in a Bermudian Emergency Room at one point and I have a feeling Mike is a wanted man in Bermuda for skipping out on that ER bill.

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Q(Mike): What do you think Dan would be most known for if he ever became famous? Do you think that Dan or you would survive a zombie apocalypse?

A: He’ll probably go viral/famous for crashing his car into a pole while filming his kids singing DJ Khalid in an attempt to be famous by getting a shout-out from DJ Khalid. As for the zombie apocalypse… Dan will be a very useful guy to have around because I’m sure he has a MacGuyver-like ability to turn normal everyday household items into alcohol. Once the zombies get ahold of Amazon Prime though, I don’t think he’ll have much left to live for.

*Dan Edit: This is actually correct.

Q (Dan): What is the funniest thing Mike has done- inside the gym or out? What are something that people might not know about Mike?

A: Mike’s ability to buy old useless crap, throw some duct tape on it, and call it a treasure is 1. Hilarious when he comes home with the junk and 2. Somewhat of a super power (he recently bought a 1987 JetSki, I can swim faster than that turd). If you post something on Facebook Marketplace for sale from the 80s era, 10-1 shot Mike will buy and over pay for it.

In all seriousness, we go at each other pretty hard, but Mike has a huge heart. He is the type of guy that will give you the shirt off his back (esp at the gym, he loves being shirtless). You may not know this, but about 9 years ago he started a food drive to give to local families that did not have enough food to get by. He has grown his food drive every year and now delivers literally TONS of food and toiletries to families in need… it really is very impressive. His food drive inspired me to start a toy drive for local children’s hospitals and that has also grown very large now. Mike started a movement, his need to give back 9 years ago has now directly impacted tens of thousands of families at this point. Just don’t tell him I said any of this mushy sh*t though, ok?