Swolemate Saturday: Mike Jones & Jen Taylor

Read about how members Mike Jone and Jen Taylor met, how they bond over CrossFit and how they keep each other motivated inside the gym and out with meal prep and accountability!

jen and mike wedding .jpeg

Q:(Jen) Did you guys meet at CrossFit? Did you both do Crossfit when you guys first met if it was outside of the gym?

A: Mike and I met through mutual friends/his sister before I attempted to move cross country to California. When I moved back to PA, I needed something new to do, so I joined the gym with my friend, Meg and Mike’s sister, Sue (where Mike was also a member)! We were both always active prior, but not doing CrossFit. He had started before me though and was amazing, so I had a lot of catching up to do!

Q:(Mike)  Do you guys do partner WODs together a lot? Do you do them when they are programmed?  Who do you think would win a workout if you guys went toe-to-toe?

A: We usually partner up but I try not to because I can’t keep up with her most of the time. But, if it came to a toe-to-toe match, I would come out victorious.

(Jen edit): Just adding in here that whatever he says is a lie and I would totally smoke him! Although a few years ago he would have run laps around me!

Q: (Jen) What is one of your favorite things about having Mike in the gym with you? Do you think having someone there keeps you motivated and accountable?

A: When I work nightshift, we often have opposite schedules, so sometimes it may be the only time I get to see him that day! Having him in the gym always makes me laugh and keeps me motivated! It’s awesome to have a shared hobby that makes us healthy and happy!

Q:(Mike) What is one of your favorite things about having Jen in the gym with you? Do you think having someone there keeps you motivated and accountable?

A: I like having Jen there because I like working out with her and doing stuff that we’re both interested in. It’s also a plus that she always brings my gym clothes and shake with her for me to change into and drink. When I have to go in the mornings, she literally drags me out of bed; she’ll even go at 630am on her days off just to make sure I get up! 

Q: (Jen) Do you guys meal prep? If so, who does the cooking? Is it shared responsibility? Who’s the better cook?  

A: we meal prep every week on Sunday! Shared?!! Not so much—I will say that he does try to help, but he often just ends up making a big mess and using every fork, pot, pan we own, so it’s more help if he stays out of the kitchen! Haha.

Q:(Mike) Does living with someone who also has a focus on nutrition help you stay on track? Do you think it helps/hurts your accountability?

A: Yes, because before I met Jen I lived off of a very strict pizza and beer diet. With the occasional wawa sizzle in the mornings. 

jen and mike collage.jpeg

Q: (Jen) what are some things outside of CrossFit that you guys do together?
A: We bought a fixer-upper two years ago, so we have been doing a lot of home projects together lately! If we’re not working out, we’re usually lounging around the house with the dog, binge watching Netflix, hanging out with friends or out to dinner drinking all of the wine! Now that the house is getting closer to being done, we’ve been trying to take more trips and visit new cities!

Q:(Mike) You and Jen recently went on a CrossFit cruise this past winter, any other big travel plans for the summer?

A: No, we don’t have anything planned, besides me going to the Iron Maiden concert! But, we are going away in the fall to visit the Finger Lakes in NY. 

Q: (Jen) If you got a call in the middle of the night from the cops saying that Mike was arrested- what would he be arrested for?

A: Oh boy.... Definitely something stupid after a few cocktails. His family has some pretty wild parties, I could tell stories for days! But if we’re keeping this PG, here’s a little gym member related example(sorry Steve and Casey). One time after a party, we had Kait Kaut pull-over out front of the Kenas household which we pass on our way home. Him and Kait’s boyfriend, Dave, proceeded to take all of the food and toys out of the car and place them all over their yard - including Mac and cheese in the mailbox, ‘feeding’ the reindeer decorations pepperoni on the lawn and filling Santa’s sleigh with PBRs. We also wrote illegible notes and put them all over Casey’s car that she drove all around with the next day! 

Q:(Mike): What is the funniest thing that Jen has done to do -inside the gym or out? 

A: I usually get annoyed when anyone makes fun of me so Jen tries not to mess with me too much, but she’s always doing something weird. For example, If there are any ‘friends’ fans out there, last year at the CHOP run for Kaleo, Jen ran the first half of the race like Phoebe in the woods and had everyone cracking up!