Transformation Tuesday: Juan Howard

Read about how Juan Howard lost 19lbs in 6 weeks with Amplify! His tips of the trade, how he started to enjoy cooking his foods and how his improved nutrition has given him the opportunity to be more active with his two kids!

Q: When did you decide to start Amplify! and what truly ignited your desire to become more focused on nutrition? 

A: The “Spring into Summer” nutrition challenge was coming and I’d been toying with the idea of Amplify! for a while, because I felt like my weight loss was starting to stall. Body weight anything was still a real chore for me. 

Q: How much weight or inches have you lost since completing Amplify!? Has it been challenging to maintain your weight loss? 

A: I started the challenge at 245 lbs, and finished it at 226 and some change. So, like 19 lbs over the 6 weeks. Not sure about inches —Jackie has it written down somewhere— but I’ll have to buy all new jeans come fall. As for maintenance, I really don’t know yet, but I can say that I definitely feel like I have the tools and mindset now to stay on track.

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Q: What are a few tips and tricks that Amplify! has taught you that have carried over into your everyday routine? What are some tips you’d suggest to others? 

A:Track. Track everything you eat and drink. Seriously, all of it. Those 100 calorie packs and “healthy” snack bags add up FAST. Buy a food scale. Doesn’t need to be fancy, but actually measuring everything helped me immensely. Experiment with spices and flavors!  You’re already changing the way you eat, find something new to love! Oh, and water, water, water. You feel like you don’t need so much of it until you start drinking enough. 

Q: Do you find that your CrossFit performance has improved since losing weight? Is CrossFit important to your life style as much as nutrition is? 

A:CrossFit is so much better. I don’t think it gets “easier,” but I’m definitely getting much deeper into those longer WODs before I want to die. And my gymnastics feel waaaay better. CrossFit is very important to me. My kids think I’m more fun since I’ve been Crossfitting; I actually have the energy to play with them!

Q: How important is it for you to demonstrate healthy eating habits to your daughter and son? Do they participate in any Amplify! Meals with you? 

A:That’s a real long term goal of mine. I don’t want them to develop the bad habits that I had to break. Unfortunately, I don’t get to eat with them except for breakfast and the weekends, but I present them balanced meals, but kids being kids, they take some things and leave some. 

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Q: What is one or two things you’d suggest to someone who wants to focus on nutrition and/or who’s afraid to start Amplify!?

A: Just start doing it. Download a food tracker  and buy a food scale. Understand that eating right doesn’t have to be hard or scary. Understand yourself and your hang ups. One of my favorite snacks are the protein pancakes on the Amplify! plan, but I have to buzz the mix in the blender or I’d never get past the texture. And don’t worry about being hungry. There were many days where it was a struggle to eat everything I was supposed to because I felt full-like, all the time. And experiment with flavors!! 

Q: Do you have any other goals that you’d like to achieve in relation to CrossFit or nutrition in the near future?
A:I’d like to start getting another couple training sessions in every week. So just getting myself to a point where I can handle a little more volume. And to keep my nutrition on the path. I’d like to feel better about my Open performance this fall.