Transformation Tuesday: Megan Finan

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Read about how Megan’s weight loss has increased her ability to move better in the gym, move through body weight movements and how Amplify! has given her the opportunity to find balance in her diet!

Q: What made you want to start Amplify!? How many lbs or inches have you lost since doing it?

A: I started Amplify! because my “cheat meal” was turning into a “cheat-3 day-weekend” too often. I wanted more structure as far as nutrition was concerned. I was doing okay on my own, but I knew there was much opportunity for improvement. I knew that Jacki helped so many people and they had wonderful results. I lost 6 pounds of fat and 8 inches. 

I still do a cheat day once a week. Nothing is off limits (though, I probably have not had any alcohol in over 3 months). My cheat day usually doubles the calories of a normal day and includes cheesesteaks, ice cream, Mike and Ike’s, etc.

Q: How has completing Amplify! Helped your performance in the gym? What are some things you’ve seen improvement on specifically? 

A: My strict pull ups have improved. I can definitely do a higher volume since dropping a few pounds. Running also feels better since my nutrition has gotten on track. I did PR my Broomile recently too!

Q: You recently got a (beautiful) bar muscle up, do you think dialing in your nutrition has had an impact on that and other gymnastic movements? 

A: The weight loss helped in getting a BMU, but I also spent LOTS of time practicing. Like- months. I also have to credit Travis and Tom for giving me their time, pointers, and advice. I can’t thank them enough.

I think most bodyweight movements have become easier in general since losing a few pounds which makes sense. I recently did a WOD with a high volume of pistols and they felt great. The exception would be push ups - they somehow never get easier!

Q: What are some tricks of the trade that Amplify! Taught you? Are there any tips you’d give to someone learning to log their food? 

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A: Amplify! gave me a great starting point to determine portion sizes, calories and macros.I definitely played with the numbers and added more as the weeks went by, but I had a good idea of where I should be after the first month. Jacki was really helpful with this process! 

 I was really turned off by the idea of logging food, but it turned out to be the best way for me to stay on track. I. LOVE. MYFITNESSPAL. Moving things around to hit my macros became a fun little game - like playing Tetris. I typically plan out as much as I can the day before - especially if it is a 12 hour work day coming up. There is no guesswork - I know I am getting enough protein and fiber, while staying on track with carbs and fat. It can be a little time consuming in the beginning but once you add in your commonly used recipes, it is easy.

Q: What is something you would tell someone on the fence about doing Amplify!? What are some things you’d tell someone in general looking to dial in their nutrition? 
A: If you want a structured nutrition program that will give you results, Amplify! works. It is not a quick fix - it is a lifestyle change. Since officially ending the program, I have sort of made it my own as far as recipes go. I am constantly looking for fun ways to add nutrient dense foods into my diet. I am a huge Pinterest junkie and am constantly testing out recipes since I hate drinking protein shakes. I eat things like Snickers protein oatmeal and hot chocolate protein donuts. Sticking to a good nutrition plan doesn’t have to be bland or boring! Dialing in my nutrition was a great decision for me in early 2019. What made it even better was that my husband Sean was my biggest supporter. He is not only the president of my fan club, he does the majority of the cooking for our family. Oh and he lost 30 pounds. This way of life is so much more manageable when you are both in the same frame of mind with good nutrition. And when you have someone who appreciates cheat day as much as you!