Fit Family Friday: The Ellerbes!

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Not only did one Ellerbe recently join CrossFit DelVal but, THREE. Read about how Allen, Theresa and their son Jamal joined CrossFit, how they are navigating around the gym with each other’s support, what some of their goals are and if Allan and Theresa are really "Swolemates" in Fit Family Friday!

Q(Allen): What made you want to start CrossFit? How has CrossFit impacted your life 

A: I joined Crossfit because I wanted to get in better shape and have fun doing it. 

Q(Theresa): Who’s idea was it to start CrossFit between Allen and Jamal and yourself? What are some things that you like about CrossFit so far? 

A: It was Allen’s idea to do CrossFit because he’s always up for challenges. I love that your limits are tested with CrossFit. Personal goals are achievable and my six pack is coming. 

Q(Jamal): How has it been working out with your parents? Do you guys plan to come to classes together or is it whatever class each of you can find time for?

A: I enjoy working out with my parents because it is fun sharing our struggles through the workouts with each other. We do intentionally plan to workout together but it really depends on our schedules. 

Q(Allen): What has been your favorite workout or favorite movement? Is there a movement you don’t like?

A: My favorite movement has always been the bench and dumbbell press. The workout that has been the most challenging and fun is the “IT TAKES TWO”. My least favorite movement is the endless burpees. 

Q(Theresa): Do you have any specific CrossFit goals? Do you have any specific nutrition goals? 

A: My goal is to be able to do pull ups and get my six pack. Nutrition goal is to learn a healthy way of eating. 

Q(Jamal): What is one thing you like most about CrossFit? Do you plan to continue CrossFit when you go back to Penn State? 

A: My favorite thing about CrossFit is the whiteboard and seeing how our scores compare and can improve. I would like to continue CrossFit when I head back up to college.

Q(Allen): Do you have any specific CrossFit goals? Do you have any specific nutrition goals? 

A: My CrossFit goal is to potentially compete in a competition. My nutrition goal is to lose approximately 20lbs and to eat healthy food.  


Q(Theresa): Are you competitive about any of the workouts between you and the boys? Is there any smack talk that happens about any of the workouts? 

A: My jumprope game is always better but, I’m still working on my double-unders. There’s smack talk all the time but mostly to encourage each other to keep going and keeping pushing. 

Q(Jamal): Are you competitive about any of the workouts with your parents? Do you get competitive about the workouts with other people in the gym? 

A: I’m competitive with each workout with everyone. I want to have the best times or most rounds finished but I know finishing first doesn’t always mean I am pushing myself to the limit.

Q(Allen): Do you and Theresa do partner WOD’s together? If so, who’s carrying the team? 

A: Yes, we have done a partner WOD “SWOLEMATES”. After that workout we had to reconsider if we were really swolemates. Theresa didn’t trust that I could jump over her on the burpees over partner exercise.  

Q(Theresa): What are some of your favorite things about having Allen (your husband) and Jamal (your son) here at DelVal? Does it make having them here an easier transition when you first started? 

A: It’s exciting to see Allen and Jamal grow, improve and exceed their own personal records. As for the workouts- no. Much of this is testing your own strengths and weaknesses. But when it comes to support we do that for each other. 

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Q(Jamal): Does having your parents at DelVal help with starting at a new gym? Do they keep you accountable in regards to coming consistently? Do you keep them accountable?

A: Yes my parents and I are in constant communication about gym times and schedule. We force each other to go and be accountable for being consistent attendees and hard workers.

Q(Allen): Do you think that working out with your son Jamal makes you push harder in workouts? Have you guys done any partner workouts together, yet? 

A: Yes, working out with my son pushes me harder because I don’t like when he finishes before me. We have not had the opportunity to complete any partner workouts. 

Q(Theresa): What has been your favorite workout or favorite movement? Is there a movement you don’t like?

A: My favorite workout is back squats, bench press and anything with weightlifting I love doing. However, power cleans are foreign to these delicate wrists. 

Q(Jamal): What do you think Allen would be most known for if he ever became famous? Do you think that Allen or you would survive a zombie apocalypse? 

A: He would be famous for having a temper tantrums on a reality tv show! He is a walking meme. No way he’d survive but he would sacrifice himself to save people. Heroic, maybe, but not a survivor.