Athlete of the Month: Ed Johnson

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Read about how member Ed Johnson has seen improvements in his fitness by coming to the gym more frequently, how CrossFit has allowed him to lose 50lbs and who got him in the gym to start!

Q: When did you start CrossFit? How did you get hooked up with CrossFit DelVal? Were you active prior to starting CrossFit?

A:I started CrossFit in August of 2018. Mike Jones and I worked together and he saw how fat and out of shape I was and recommended me giving it a try. Jenny Taylor helped me structure a strict diet for that really made me realize how poorly I ate. I had let myself go for quite a while and I wasn’t very active on top of it. 

Q: What made your transition into CrossFit easiest? What do you think was the hardest movement(s) to learn? 

A: The thing that made my transition the easiest here at DelVal, both staff and members. They all are so inviting and non judgmental. There are still movements I can’t do that I’m still working on getting better at. The snatch is still hard for me

Q: When you first started CrossFit did you have any specific fitness goals? What are your goals now either with CrossFit, weight loss, longevity, ect. 

A: My overall goal was to lose weight and get healthier. I have lost 50 lbs over the last year and now I just want to keep getting better at the movements and maybe drop a few more lbs along the way. 

Q: You went from a three times a week membership to unlimited, what made you decide to start coming to the gym more? Do you think you’ve seen an improvement in your fitness since you’ve been attending more frequently? What class can people find you at? 

A: Three times a week wasn’t enough for me. I feel when I miss three days in a row I have to start all over again from scratch. I do feel with the unlimited membership and going more I have improved my mobility. I generally go 5:30pm weekdays and boot camps on Sunday when I can. 

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Q: What are some tips you would give to other athletes that are debating on joining CrossFit? What are some things you’ve found to be helpful in navigating your way around movements?

A: JOIN! The scales have been great for us lesser athletic people. There is always an option if you can’t do a specific movement. 

Q: Do you have a favorite girl workout, if not, any other favorite workouts? What is your least favorite movement to do, if you have one? What is your favorite movement if you have one? A: I’m not sure what a girl workout is, but the chicks in this gym can out work me any day of the week! My least favorite is running. I really enjoy the weightlifting though. 

Q: Tell us something that people might not know about you just by looking at you? 

A: I'm a pretty transparent person! 

Q: Finish this off, “You know you’ve made big when….” 

A: You know you’ve made big strides when you can do wall balls and burpees and still walk the next day!