New Member Spotlight: Amy Zhi

Read about new member Amy Zhi journey and how she’s been transitioning from a college student to a CrossFit stud! While she’s had some fitness experience, read about why she joined CrossFit DelVal, her favorite memories so far and what keeps her hungry for more!

Q: Why did you join CrossFit Delaware Valley?

A: I was looking around Broomall/West Chester for a new gym to join back in April since I was graduating from Drexel and moving back home soon. I looked into specifically CrossFit gyms after a beginners workshop at West Chester Weightlifting with my friend, Emily, a long time Weightlifter. Coming from a mix of Powerlifting/strength training, Olympic Weightlifting was hard. Way harder than just simply picking stuff up from the floor or pushing it away from your body. But, it was so much more fun and challenging. BUT.. I didn't want to just focus on lifting anymore, I wanted to incorporate some sort of metabolic conditioning/cardio in my workouts. Emily had bought up CrossFit as an option for me, as she started with it before doing Weightlifting "full-time."

Following her advice, I signed up for the No Sweat Free Intro at CFDV and Rob was more than helpful to me in helping me figure out my goals and options. After the intro, I stayed to watch one of the classes and thought that it looked super cool and fun. I signed up for a 9X per month membership while I was at my last month of college, pretty much using the month as my "trial period" before upgrading or committing. I would commute from Philly to CFDV and go once a week. Needless to say, I fell in love and went unlimited as soon as I graduated/moved back home. I now go in 5 or 6 times a week for a mix of Barbell Club or metcon work. On rest days, I feel pretty low spirited since I don't get to go to CrossFit after a long day of work. When I was just strength training, I didn't really have a goal and I would always workout alone. Sure I had friends who I would see at the gym, but they would be working on their own program/workout alone and I would never really workout with anyone. Sometimes, I would just go to the gym to kill time. But at CrossFit, I truly enjoy being here, working out with people, seeing people motivate each other and I don't regret my decision at all.

Q: What's been your biggest accomplishment?

A: Not giving up on myself and giving my max effort, most of the time. I like to push myself during WODs, but not to the extent where I would risk injury! (Can't go to CrossFit if you're injured *roll safe meme*). Back at the Drexel gym, there were A LOT of judgmental college students, no surprise. Everyone always looked so calm and poised when lifting and you'd feel stupid if you made a max effort face. No one cares if you're making stupid max effort faces at CFDV or panting like a mad dog. Hell, you probably look more stupid if you don't make those faces!

Q: What are you working on now?

A: There is SO much to work on but I've learned that I need to have patience and it will take months/years to learn everything "perfectly". But right now, I'm focusing on double unders and kipping pull ups. I am always trying to improve so I gladly appreciate any tips/tricks/constructive criticism from anyone and everyone.

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Q: What's your favorite CrossFit Delaware Valley memory?

A: Hustle Girls v Boys. It was only my 2nd week after joining CFDV and I had only attended like 2 classes, since I was still living in Philly. Everyone was so welcoming, and I didn't feel like an absolute stranger at all, even though I recognized only like 2 people there. That was also the first time I met Jacki and witnessed her extremely competitive nature. There was one moment where we had an extra amount of girls for the WOD round. So, I had volunteered to sit out, since I was new to CrossFit and had no idea how to do the movements (plus the fact that I didn't wanna lose one for the team because of how competitive it was). But Jacki boldly told me, "No, I want you to work out." After that, I truly admired the competitive nature of everyone, but also the fact that everyone wants you to be the best that you can. I know she probably doesn't remember this small moment (it was literally two verbal exchanges), but it meant a lot to me as it helped remind me to get out of my comfort zone and continually do so today. I also have not seen Jacki at all since that day but I know that she's still here and haunts me to be better. That's also what I like about CFDV, you meet people during class, might not see them for days or weeks, but they leave a mark and you can pick up right where you left off with them.

Q: What motivates you to continue training at CrossFit Delaware Valley?

A: I am very competitive... not just with others but more so with myself. I love beating my previous records and seeing progress. I also like to video myself so I can keep them and look back in the next months and years and say, damn I suck ass now but I sucked ass even more before! Since I've started gymming/working out, I feel so much healthier, less tired, and basically my quality of life has improved. I was never an athlete, I never did any sports in Elementary, Middle, or High School, all I did was play video games. I like my current condition and that's what motivates me to maintain it and make it even better! As someone who works in the Health Industry, it motivates me even more to live a healthier lifestyle and not have all these health problems/conditions. It sucks being a "beginner" all over again, but if I fall off the tracks completely now, I will feel like all my work into becoming fit would almost be for nothing.