Weight Loss Wednesday: Eric Youngblood

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Read about how Eric has lost 15lbs, a few inches, and how his weight loss has not only impacted his CrossFit ability but also provided him the foundation to make smart choices when in the kitchen!

Q: What pushed you to do Amplify!? What were some of your goals when you first started? What are some of your goals now after completing it? 

 A:  One of the benefits of CrossFit is the workout programming you receive.  I wanted the same for my nutrition plan.  No more eating without a purpose.  Now that I have a basic understanding of how and what to eat, I need to work on being more consistent and add more variety to my meals and snacks.


Q: What do you think was the most challenging part of really dialing in your nutrition? Was your adjustment to logging food hard? What were some things you thought were easy adjustments that the program offered? 

 A:  Watching my carb intake.  Bread is so good!  I’ve done well with limiting bread (I’m down to 1 bagel, not 3, on bagel Fridays at work)!  Next up, limiting my beer intake.  Logging food hasn’t been that difficult as it is all done on your phone.  However, weighing food to make sure I am logging everything accurately has been the more challenging part.  One big easy adjustment was changing my grocery list and the food in my kitchen.  With the weekly meal plan and grocery list provided by Amplify!, it was a no brainer.


Q: How much weight (or inches, or both) have you lost since completing Amplify!? How has adjusting your nutrition been for your CrossFit performances? Have you noticed a difference in metcons/ or strength? 

 A:  I’ve lost 15lbs and more than a few inches.  I’ve noticed a difference in a few bodyweight movements.  We’ve done HSPUs in a few workouts recently and I was able to do more reps and in bigger sets than in the past.  I also did 2 ring muscle ups a week ago (I had only ever done 1 before back in the 2018 Open).   


Q: Do you think Amplify! Has given you a different perspective on food? Do you think it’s provided you with some good tips and tricks to stay on track outside of Amplify!? 

A:  Amplify! has made me think, on a daily basis, about the types of food and the portions I eat.  It has definitely provided a great framework I can use to tackle my nutrition on my own.


Q: Did your kids participate in any of the meals that you prepped? Is it challenging balancing kids and Amplify!? Is it important to you to show your kids the importance of healthy eating? Or are you still battling the good ol’ fight against chicken and mac-N-cheese diet? 

A: My kids have been subjected to a few of my dinners and it has generally been received well.  They thankfully actually enjoy many types of vegetables.  It is absolutely important that they are exposed to healthy eating and getting an understanding about food.  It plays such large and important role in life, it shouldn’t be overlooked.  

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Q: Does your job impact your ability to stay on track? Do you prep all your food for work the week prior?  

A:  My job is a pretty consistent routine being in the office all day.  The job has no impact on food prepping, just me.  In those times I don’t bring a prepared meal, I do have the ability to get out of the office and options to make good choices.


Q:What is one or two things you’d suggest to someone who wants to focus on nutrition and/or who’s afraid to start Amplify!?

A: I am a novice in the kitchen and had always been a bit intimidated when reading recipes.  However, there were so many options provided by Amplify! I could easily tackle.  I am now looking forward to expanding my repertoire.