Athlete of the Month: Tricia Craven

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Tricia Craven is coming up on her 8th year of doing CrossFit and 8th year of being a member here at DelVal! Throughout the years she’s demonstrated hard work & dedication while always having a smile on her face. Read about her journey so far, how she keeps herself moving in the gym and what superpower she would choose to have!

Q: How long have you been doing CrossFit? What made you want to start CrossFit in the first place?  How long have you been a DelVal member? 

A: September will mark 8 years of doing CrossFit- all at DelVal! I got into it because I needed a rigorous workout program enforced by someone else- and the accountability of other people doing it too. I swam competitively through college, and I missed that so-hard-you-want-to-quit feeling of a workout.  I simply won’t do much of a workout on my own, especially at the level provided by the class.  

Q: There have been many workouts between you and when you first started here at DelVal, what would be your favorite one to date? What is your favorite movements to see programmed? 

A: My favorite workout used to be Cindy… and once I surpassed my goal for that workout, it changed. I don’t have a “favorite” anymore, but my favorite movements are definitely power cleans, pull ups, and double-unders. 

Q: You’ve recently been nursing a back injury but still come to class, how has CrossFit allowed you to modify workouts to fit how you’re feeling that day? What are some things you do to ensure you’re still able to show up and workout (any stretching/mobility, ect)?

A: My injury was 100% because I didn’t listen to my body that day. Generally speaking though, I’m pretty good at figuring out when I need to modify something. I love that you can do that with CrossFit. You can either modify range of motion, weight, or swap the movement altogether. There aren’t many sports where that’s an option. So, ever since that awful day in May when I didn’t listen, I’ve been stretching a LOT. Not necessarily sitting down for a 20 minute session, but 2-3 minutes throughout the day adds up- while cooking, playing on the floor with my kids, scrolling through my phone, brushing my teeth… 

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Q: You started incorporating running into your training as well, how have you balanced the two? Are you training for any upcoming races or obstacle races? 

A: I started running with purpose about a year ago, when Kristy Tomicki casually mentioned I should try a half marathon. I followed a training program for that, and drastically cut my CrossFit days to swap for running. Now, it’s back to more CrossFit and I run when I’m short on time. I’m running the Philly 10k this month with Debbie, Kristy, and Vicky! Right, ladies?!

Q:  If you had to describe your experience at DelVal to a total stranger off the street, how would you describe it? (Other then, picking things up and putting them back down)! 

A: It’s a total body therapy session- physical, psychological, social, emotional. You get a great workout that non-Crossfitters can’t comprehend (“You actually do 100 pullups in a workout?!”)  and a social hour with people who are fantastic. And then you plan to do it again tomorrow!

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Q: Do you think it’s important to have your young girls see you working out? Do they ever workout with you? Go on runs with you? 

A: I’m trying to teach them healthy habits. My 6yo just asked “Do you go to the gym to lose weight or gain weight?” I told her I just go to feel good, get fit and get strong. They like to do their own “workouts” after the 9:30 class and we also frequently go to my husband’s races. I think it’s great that they see us both working hard to improve ourselves.

Q: What are some things that you enjoy doing outside of CrossFit? What’s a fun facts people might not know about you? If you could have any super power, what would it be?

A: Super power first: I would totally choose teleporting. How awesome would that be to just arrive where you want to be?! This choice may also have something to do with the multiple road trips we’ve taken with small children in the last month. 

Other things I like to do… Crafting. Oddly, I like doing yard work, although you may not be able to tell from the state of my lawn. I like being outside. I like doing things with my girls that they will be able to look back on and remember. 

Umm… I sang in an a cappella group for a semester in college.  I’ve been skydiving and have a VHS tape to prove it. :)

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