Athlete of The Month: Rich Prazenica

Athlete of The Month: Rich Prazenica

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Athlete of the month featuring Early Bird Rich Prazenica! Read about why Rich consistently hits up the 5:15am class, some of his favorite hobbies outside of CrossFit and what's been his most challenging workout since joining!

Q: What or who brought you to CrossFit DelVal? How long have you been a member of the gym? 

A: I began CrossFit because I was bored with traditional gym approach and looking for a new challenge.  I’ve been a member at Del Val for about 15 months now.

Q:  You are only ever spotted at the 5:15 am class.. Do you have something against the nightcrawlers? Is there a reason you only prefer the AM classes? 

A: I can count on 1 hand the amount of classes I’ve been to outside of 5:15am. I'd actually prefer training later in the day, so no beef with the nightcrawlers. Since I’ve had kids, I’ve found the only way to stay consistent is do get it done before they wake up.

Q: What has been the most challenging workout you’ve done so far? What do you think about when you’re in a really hard workout?

A: I’d have to give the hardest workout I’ve done to Holleyman, that one kicked my ass. I’d like to have another go at that, now that my HSPUs have improved. During workouts I mostly focus my attention on breathing and completing reps as clean as possible. I try to breeze past self pitying thoughts as quickly as possible.

Q: What are your CrossFit goals? Do you think you will ever do any CrossFit competitions? 

A: My goals are- 3 classes minimum per week, keep my ego in check and don’t get injured. Also, I’d like to get double-unders down in the next few months. I haven’t put much thought into competing, but it maybe something I’d be open to down the road.

Q:Tell us a little about yourself, What is your life like outside the gym? Where do you work, do you have kids/pets/spouse/partner? What is your favorite hobby outside the gym? 

A: I’m married with 2 kids- Kyle(6) and Colette (9mo.)  We have a crazy Australian Cattledog named Kirby, who is currently depressed due to losing his back yard to construction on our house. I work in the HVAC field, programming building automation systems.  Hobbies would be fishing, hiking, and barbecuing. 

Q: What is your favorite lift, movement, or wod? Least favorite of the three?

A: My favorite thing to do at CrossFit is EMOMs with some sort of barbell lift.  My least favorite is the burpee, I have a hard time motivating myself for them.

Q: If you were to perform in a circus, what would you do? 

A: In a circus I’d see myself as a human cannonball, that looks like fun.

Q: Do you have any hidden talents? 

A:I’ve been called a baby whisperer. I have a knack for calming screaming babies.