Kyle Yerger

Kyle's youth was filled with various sports, but each had left him feeling unfulfilled. In early high school, cycling became the outlet of his competitive nature, completing events such as RAGBRAI, an annual ride across the entire state of Iowa. Still, the lack of a team dynamic, left him seeking more. 

In his junior year of high school, Kyle discovered rowing and immediately found the fulfillment he was missing. His success in the sport led him to continue on to collegiate rowing at the Division 1 level at Temple University. The team and the coaching staff around him left a huge impact when he finished.

He immediately took on assisting with Learn to Row programs and developing his coaching abilities from the "other side" of the sport. During this time he was the student of a successful weightlifting coach who instilled the passion of the sport. The similarities in the technical needs of both weightlifting and rowing are why he is greatly interested in both. 

Kyle was hired as the Novice rowing coach for a club program in the Spring of 2016, where his athletes took Silver in the City Championship regatta. "Seeing those young kids develop physically and mentally over the course of a few months is why I will always be a coach. When you have athletes and their parents telling you that you have made a difference in their child's life, well that is something I will cherish forever."

"After stepping away from D1 rowing, I yearned for a competitive atmosphere where your competition is also your best friends and greatest supporters. Crossfit and the people at CFDV have given me that feeling once again."

My love for CrossFit has perpetuated my desire to coach. Seeing members surpass their perceived limits inside and outside of the gym inspires me to be a guiding light to those who aspire to be better.