Melissa Bryan

I needed a push. 

I was so unmotivated after not reaching my goals and losing my baby weight that I decided to reach out to Chris at DelVal.  I used to take kettlebell classes with him and asked to get more info about Crossfit.  To start, I attended Sunday Bootcamp and Kettlebells. I got my butt kicked, and I was hooked! I knew this is what I wanted and I signed up. 

I trained with Jacki for the first week on the body mechanics and the barbell fundamentals.  She was so receptive of any questions that I had, as are all of the coaches at DelVal. I've been training now for 6 months, not only have I noticed how much my strength and endurance have improved, but I have finally slimmed down and am on track to building the best version of me.

This gym is unlike any other, everyone from your coaches to your peers are in it to support you until the very last rep.  Whether you start today, a month ago or years ago, your peers support you and cheer you on until you finish the work, sometimes finishing last isn't the worst thing.  There is no quitting.   I am accomplishing things I never thought were possible.  I couldn't be any more thankful to work with such a great group of people, and be coached by some of the very best around.