Phil Gagliardi

Phil found an outlet in sports at an early age by starting to play football at age 5. Over the next 10 years
Phil played multiple sports like baseball, basketball, track and wrestling. But it was his junior year at
Cardinal O’Hara where Phil found his passion for lacrosse. He took that passion into college and played
all 4 years at Cabrini College. He scored over 100 points in his career. He was also voted team co-
captain his senior year by his coach and teammates because of his hard work and dedication, on and off
the field.

After graduation, Phil was in and out of the gym trying out different workout routines but it was in
October 2013 that he came across CrossFit and he hasn’t looked back since. He was drawn to CrossFit
because he liked the thought of showing up to the gym and the workout was already set for you. But it’s
the community and the friendly competition that has kept him coming back for 5 years. “Every person
that comes into the gym has their own level of fitness. CrossFit allows them to find their comfort zone
and push those boundaries.”

Phil has been a staple at our classes over his tenure at CFDV. His continued hard work and dedication
that he showed in college has flowed over to the gym. He is always willing to lend a hand and help
newer athletes with some more technical movements. It was those helpful natures that influence Phil to
get his CrossFit Level 1 in January 2018.

Phil’s full time job is in the financial services industry. He has 4 children, Philip, Heather, Hunter & Tyler.
He helps coach lacrosse and is always looking for ways to incorporate CrossFit into his children’s lives at
and early age.