Tom Flaherty

Before joining CrossFit Delaware Valley, I was a frequent gym goer for a long time. I've played soccer my whole life. In the gym, I focused on different things throughout the years, but mainly powerlifting. Why? It's kind of simple. I'm 26, I'm a guy, and in my shoes, who doesn't think being strong is cool? But the truth is, I was always looking for something more. Something just as fun as it was challenging.

Friends of mine have been at CFDV for years. Some as long as almost 4 years.  They all come from different backgrounds such as over weight, casual exercise, and all the way to Division 1 collegiate sports. But I now share one thing they all have in common; joining Rob Miller and the other amazing coaches and members at CrossFit Delaware Valley changed our lives.

I put off joining CrossFit because I was scared. Scared to be uncomfortable. Scared I couldn't handle it. Scared because I had no idea what I was in for. After 3 months, I have lost 10 extra pounds I didn't even know I had to lose, I have my cardiovascular endurance back after years of heavy lifting, and the best part is I wake up absolutely ON FIRE every morning because I can't wait to get to class and sweat with the 9:30 group.

From day one I knew this was my new home. Every day I am amazed by the people around me. I watch them in awe as they achieve new skills and accomplish things they've worked so incredibly hard for with the careful guidance and encouragement of our coaches. I'm relatively new here, but I can already see this is a beautiful place to grow.