Will Wainwright

I used to bounce around the gym every morning, on my own, hitting various machines and free weights. Loosely sticking to programs I would find on the internet or in a magazine. I made some modest improvements here and there, but feeling more like a was in a constant plateau. I joined CFDV in late March 2016 looking to break out of that plateau and have gotten way more than I bargained for.

First, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. My first workout I had just about the entire class introduce themselves and welcome me before getting started. Over time, many of these same folks have become my friends. During workouts, we support and cheer one another in a friendly, competitive environment that helps you get the most out of your workout.

The daily workouts offer constant variety and provide me with the opportunity to continuously benchmark my progress. The trainers are there to not only lead the workouts, but also provide feedback and offer valuable advice to help you improve and be safe.  Having daily access to certified trainers is a huge benefit that CrossFit training provided that I did not get at my old gym.

Finally CFDV’s owner and head instructor, Rob Miller, has a passion and enthusiasm for helping others achieve their goals that is just awesome. All of his trainers share his passion and that has been extremely motivating to me. Since joining CFDV I have achieved athletic milestones that I never would have thought possible and for that I thank the entire staff at CFDV!