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Our History

CFDV opened in the summer of 2007, originally occupying half of a residential garage. Our first clients were mostly curious friends and family that wanted to see what all of the fuss was about (and to generously support us when we were lean, in every sense of the word!).  At the time, CrossFit was an fringe conditioning system used mostly by the MIL/LEO/FF communities to prepare their folks for work.  At our inception, we were CrossFit gym number 168 (there are now over 14000 CrossFit Affiiliates on 6 continents!).
As we began our journey, we knew very little about training and relied heavily on first hand experience and a ratty copy of Mark Rippetoe’s ‘Starting Strength‘.  Over the months, we became more proficient at coaching and our numbers swelled to a garage-busting community of 9 paying customers.  With winter coming, we needed a warmer, friendlier venue..  So, we did what any resourceful business did.  We hooked up with the martial arts guys!
Our second location was the basement area of Medina Kenpo Karate in Springfield, PA.  We nearly tripled our training space, but there were some drawbacks.  First, the ceiling was low.  Overhead pressing was out, except if we carried the weights out to the rear of the building (never mind the smell from the Hibachi restaurant next door!).  And the space was truly auxiliary, with sections dedicated to the owner’s part-time rock band and other pursuits.  It’s a miracle that we didn’t send a hunk of steel through a bass drum or a guitar amp!.  Regardless of the limitations of the space, we trained hard and continued to get better as athletes and as coaches.  When we reached 17 monthly members we again made a move – this time to our own space!
Ahh, Glenolden.  The best way to get there is by hot-air balloon or helicopter.  If you’re from Delaware County, you know what we mean..  ‘It’s only two miles but there are 15 lights’.  Our Glenolden spot was located in a brand new storage building in the yard of a concrete manufacturer.  We had 1400 square feet and no ceiling issues.  Heaven!  We spent a full two years in Glenolden and our membership flourished (as much as a part time business can flourish).  We added equipment, and tried as best as we could to get really good at this CrossFit thing.  Trainers were added and our membership swelled to 37 committed individuals.
In 2010, it became clear that we needed to figure out a new venue for our training.  While the Glenolden building was great, the location made it very difficult for us to attract new members due to the inconvenience of the location.  And let’s face it, the surrounding neighborhood was ‘gritty’, at best.  After a short search, we found a nice new spot in Broomall, in the Lawrence Park Industrial Center.  We made our move on May 1st, 2010, and began running classes the very next day!
In August 2010, CFDV’s owner Rob Miller transitioned into the role of full-time trainer and business owner.  We are busy charting our future and trying to spread the gospel of functional fitness far and wide within Delaware County.


We train our athletes using the CrossFit methodology.  We believe in the concept of General Physical Preparedness (GPP) and strive to create balanced athletes who blend strength, speed, skill and endurance.
Our athletes are a diverse group.  Some have significant athletic experience (runners, soccer players, martial artists), and others do not.  Some need CrossFit for their jobs (military, law enforcement, firefighters).  Some are just looking to lose a few pounds. Almost all are busy and lead full lives.


We offer a broad range of services, including group classes, personal training and nutritional consultation.  That said, the ‘heart’ of our operation is the group class, as this format offers the best combination of training impact, group camaraderie and value-for-money.  Each session is truly unique..  Our members rely on the camaraderie and competition offered in class to produce results they couldn’t achieve by training alone.
We have devoted trainers who are committed to your success.  All of our coaches have significant CrossFit chops and use practical training knowledge and engaging teaching styles to deliver an effective learning and training experience.
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Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. CrossFit Delaware Valley is located and easily accessible from all of Broomall.

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